Monday, February 12, 2007

Busy weekend recap

I didn't get on line at all during the weekend. I'll try & recap & update you on DS.

Got up at 6:30 and headed out to the "rescheduled" yard sales. Apparently most of the residents of the "rain date" places didn't realize it was being held as there were very few people set up. I did find another community sale but only found 15 packs of Rick Rack, a bag of small Styrofoam balls & a roll of Kraft paper (total $2).
I did find an exciting treasure in my own neighborhood, two 7 ft. spiral Christmas trees for $2 each!! I looked all over for them after Christmas but could only find smaller ones. WAHOO!!
Came back home, changed clothes and headed over to the clubhouse for the pancake breakfast. They do it every other month & it's usually $3. Since it was my first time it was free. All you can eat pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice, coffee & fruit cocktail. YUM!! I sat with some sweet older ladies, one who's husband had just died 3 weeks ago. So sad but she was doing pretty good.

Ran back home, jumped in the shower, dressed (I looked good & NO ONE look a picture all day-darn it!), dropped off the car to get an oil change & then waited 30 minutes for DD to come pick me up. She lives only 2 minutes away but takes for ever to get ready.

Went to the KD house on campus for a family event. They had a cookout and gave us tours of the sorority house. It's really nice. After a short visit we all headed over to the bowling alley for a few games. We ended up only playing 1 game since we had 8 people on our "team". The girls had fun and it was nice to meet all DD's sisters.

After the bowling I had to hurry back to pick up my car as the place closed at 5pm and I had people coming over for scrapping at 6:30.

I had agreed to let a guy "clean" my car while it was at the Oil change place. He wanted to DETAIL it but I told him I really didn't have the money or the time. We agreed on a price for doing the outside only and I told him it must be done by 5pm. When I called to tell him I was on my way he said he wasn't quite done but the INSIDE looked amazing. ??? Inside?? Not done??? ARG!!!!

DD drove me over to the place & the guy was scurrying to wipe down the outside. When I walked up he started telling me about all the stuff he had done & showing off his work. (I failed to tell you that he talks 3 miles a minute & didn't really let you get a word in) I finally got my key and told him I really MUST go now & started to hand him his $$. There were dollar bills on the outside of the money "wad" and he asked "How much are you giving me?". The amount we agreed to says I. "OH, I thought you'd give me a tip for all the extra work I did" says dude. !!!!!!!
I wanted to say NO, you crazy did what I told you NOT TO, you are making me late and I'm not paying you another cent.
But I didn't.
I lied and told him that I had stopped at the ATM and gotten exactly what we'd agreed to and I didn't have any more $$. He wasn't happy. What would you have done??

I started racing home and about half way there my cell phone rings. It's my buddy Denise and she says, "How early would be to early to get to your house?" It's about 5:40pm-I'm not home-I still have a ton of prep work to do so I said...where are you now? "Sitting in your driveway" says she. OMG!!! She said she'd wait outside but I called my HSS and he went out & got her & Julie and let them in. BTW, thank goodness they got there early because they helped me get the snacks ready. Matter of fact, Julie made my layer dip look amazing and it tasted great too.
Nicole came in a few minutes later and Cari & Cami arrived a little late but we were all still talking so it didn't matter.
We talked , we scrapped, we laughed, we ate, I made 13 Valentines cards. I had a blast, I hope they did too.

Guess who this is??

The girls left about 1 am and wonderful Julie had even cleaned up the kitchen for me. HSS came walking out of the bedroom (where he had spent the evening) while I was putting the rest of the stuff away. He saw what she had done & said she can come over any time!!!

Sunday I got up early cause I needed to work on the scrapbook for the lady that is retiring. I read Saturdays & Sundays paper and then made envelopes to go with the cards I'd made...yes, I made the envelopes.

I worked on the scrapbook the rest of the day. It is finished except for some embellishments. I'll do that tonight or tomorrow since the party is on Thursday.

As for DS, he is not happy with his punishment. He kept asking the girls Saturday night if they needed any help. He carried bags, went to Nicole's house and brought back tables & chairs, was being so sweet. I don't think he liked that everyone one of the girls said something about his grades. LOL. I heard him crying later and when I went to check on him he said, "I hate being on restriction, I wished I never gotten the bad grades, it isn't worth it". I told him I was sorry he was upset but maybe he was finally realizing the problems he was causing for himself. I told him punishment isn't supposed to be fun.

Yesterday before I started working on the scrapbook I agreed to help him put together a shelf unit for his room. It's been sitting in there for weeks, out of the box, un-made. We got it put together and even used it as a learning experience. I asked him to go get something out of my craft room. He went and then couldn't find what he was looking for (even thought it would have been easy if he had listened to my instructions). I told him that was a perfect example of the problems he was having in school. He doesn't listen and then tries to do things and gets upset when he can't. I told him he should have never gone into the craft room to look for the item if he didn't understand the directions I had given him. I told him he should have asked me to clarify them until he understood.

He is supposed to have all his missing assignments ready to turn in today. I spoke with his Karate teacher after class last Friday and he is supposed to speak with DS tonight. Hopefully it will do some good. I found out he can't test for his next belt until April and they only do it every few months. Hopefully he will be able to test and not have to wait until fall.

The AC/heating man has been here since 8am and I can't wait until he leaves to get ready for work. I figure I worked on that scrapbook for about 5-6 hours yesterday so if I'm late what?? Oh yeah, that reminds me..I got "in trouble" Friday at work and ironically the lady I'm doing the scrapbook is the one that ratted me out. Lets just say they didn't find the humor in spreading "paper dots" all over the floor so the cleaning crew would actually do their job & Vacuum. What ever!

Sorry so long but it was 3 days worth. Consider it a bonus post.
OH, I almost forgot...if you know anyone that is looking for a prime piece of real estate in East Tampa, let me know. A friend of mine is selling 5 acres. Should be for used commercial purposes considering the trend in the area. He is still living in his house on the property so I guess the buyer could too.

No Prison break but a 2 hour 24 tonight. Enjoy!

Till later....................


Cami said...


you nut! hehehe

glad to hear DS is realizing that bad grades are not worth it. As stressful as it is for you - hopefully he's learning something here and won't do it again!

I had so much fun cropping with you as usual. I got absolutely NOTHING done (except that miniature ice cream cone..haha) but I laughed hard and that is the best! ;) your house is beau-ti-ous!

cari said...

Nice but DD!!! And can I barrow those legs!!!

Peek a Boo says Cami... If I can't see you, you can't see me;)

As asways I have such a great time cropping with you Saturday night. Or should I say, not cropping. Non teh less, it was the most fun, thanks!

Cari said...

correction (spelling)

Nice butt DD!!! And can I borrow those legs!!!

Peek a Boo says Cami... If I can't see you, you can't see me;)

As asways I had such a great time cropping with you Saturday night. Or should I say, not cropping. None the less, it was the most fun. Thanks!!!

Jenn said...

Wow, you had quite the busy weekend. This is the first time I've been able to get on since last week! So, I have a lot of catching up to do.

I'm glad that Mike is realizing his mistakes!

Much love