Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday and another weekend to fly through

I might as well just stay at work and forget the weekend. It's going to go so quickly that I shouldn't even try. What are your plans?

Finishing up my SL order. I'm $60 away from my monthly goal but should make it by the deadline tonight. I've got a ton of stuff in my "basket" to order. Guess I'm not making any extra $$ off this party! At least we will have beautiful stuff to furnish our home. I'm going to really be in trouble in MARCH because the Hostess & Customer specials are all SUPER! Take a look.

My computer was working through mollasses last night. Three hours to do 30 minutes worth of work. Because of that we watched the AI results show on fast forward. No real surprises except the last two girls. I really wanted "Kate" or who ever she is to go. When Ryan was saying her name she was nodding like she knew she was leaving. When he said she was safe I was disappointed. She scares me! I was really amazed that the girl that did get kicked to the curb was able to sing her song. I know I wouldn't have.

Also because of the computer we only watched a few minutes of LOST before we were both falling asleep. If I can get my Order submitted & my car packed before midnight, maybe we can watch tonight. What I did see was WEIRD!!! What the heck is going on????????

Big scrappin Yardsale tomorrow. I haven't pulled out anything more so hopefully the stuff I had left over will sell. I'm going to have about a table & a half of space so should be able to display it better. I'm also going to have my business cards and the March special flyer on the table. maybe I'll get lucky & book a party. Mainly just want to sell all the stuff and then I can use the $$ to buy more! LOL.

Bunco tomorrow night. Hope enough people come. Sounds like there is alot going on that may dwindle the attendance. Should still be fun and I'm going to "play" between the time the sale ends and when I need to be at the party. I have a lot of old "favorite" stores that I plan to hit.

Sunday I hope to take it easy and maybe finally catch up on my DVR'd shows. I finally had to just dump the 50 Regis & Kellys I had saved. Really. 50. When did I think I'd have time to watch all those? Oh yeah, right after the 30 Oprahs. Oh, I also need to make a couple of really special Birthday cards & an Anniversary Card.

BTW, what do I want for my 1st wedding anniversary? My DH is still asking and the only thing I can think of is out of our allowance range. I'd love to just take a trip but that may have to be postponed a little bit.

Hope you have a great weekend. I'll try to touch base but can't swear to it. I know I still owe you pictures from Valentines Day.

Til later.................


Jennifer L Fisher said...

BUNCO has been cancelled. Stacie sent out an email stating that she got a stomach bug and is cancelling it.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

what a bummer bunco got cancelled. if I lived up that way, I'd definitely wanted to join. It's a lot of fun and laughs! Hope you had a great night anyway and that you found lots of deals in your shopping adventures this weekend!