Monday, February 25, 2008

CHILI'S strikes again

Anyone that has gone out to eat with me more than once has probably experienced my knack for getting FREE FOOD because of poor service/bad food, etc. Last night was another reason why I should not be allowed to eat out.

As you may remember I had the Brilliant idea to take my DS out to dinner every other Sunday night. Mom-Son bonding, time to talk and spend quality time together. What a load of crap it is turning out to be.


Last night I was running late for our "Date" so he complained the whole way to the restaurant. Then we had to wait for a table. More complaining. Then we had a baby sitting nearby and he complained that people shouldn't be allowed to bring babies into a restaurant.


We had a very long wait for our food, more complaining. Then they put pepper on his Corn on the Cob. More complaining. Then the crap really hit the fan.

I had snagged one of his 5 chicken strips (I'd been snacking all day at a crop & really didn't want to order food so figured he could share) and he'd eaten 3 of the rest when he started cutting up the last one.

(Yes, he was cutting it up. It was bigger than the others and he wanted to manage it better)


He cut it into three pieces and started to bite the first piece when I noticed how RAW the pieces left on his plate looked. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled at him to stop & put down the chicken. I showed him the pieces and told him they were undercooked and he couldn't eat them. Since I had placed a take-out order of the same thing for DH, I was really grossed out and afraid his would be raw too. Not to mention that by now the piece I had eaten was trying to "Come back up". EWWW!

Long story short, I got the entire meal, except for the Take-out order that was cooked much longer and better, FREE. My DS was VERY upset that I had caused a scene and called EVERYONE in the restaurant over to the table.


My DD can testify to the number of times I have done that while at dinner with her. She is now amazed if we get through a meal without me complaining about something. I'm not sure if I am the unluckiest person alive when it comes to eating out or if I'm just the only person that expects what I order to be cooked according to how I want it...

Enough about that, my breakfast is stuck in my throat just thinking about last night.

How was the rest of my weekend? Thank you for asking.

Saturday morning I did a little yard-saling. Found a three drawer LARGE storage "cart" with wheels for $4, Pampered Chef Large pizza stone-$1, Tupperware condiment holder with lid & handle-.50, Craft iron-$3, Mini-Lane cedar chest with part of original label for .25 cents. I found a few more things but these are the "cream of the crop". Considering it was a shortened shopping trip I thought it was a great day.

My LAUNCH party turned out pretty good. The weather was BAD but cleared up about an hour before it started. I had 4 neighbors come. MY dear friend, CAMI, came to lend moral support. Thank goodness because she filled in a few times when I was flubbing what I wanted to say. I used all of my products either as display or to serve my food. I'm still mad that me, the scrapbooking-picture taking queen, forgot to take a picture of the food display. SHOOT!

Had fun Saturday night at dinner. It was really loud and talking was difficult but it's always a hoot to get together with Cari and the Scrapyard peeps.

Sunday was a mini crop at Cari's house and I managed to get 10 thank you cards done before I had to run off to dinner. (SEE above if you have already blocked that memory out of your mind)

So now it's Monday. I'm at work and as you can see, working hard. LOL!

PLEASE NOTE---the deadline to order off my Launch party is Thursday the 28th. Check out the catalog on my website and give me a shout. Don't forget, with a $29.95 order you can order the Salt & Pepper set AND the wrought iron Paper Towel holder at a discounted price. In addition, each order of $29.95 AUTOMATICALLY gets a free subscription to Cottage Living Magazine. SWEET!

Anything new with you?

Til later...................

EDITED to add...I didn't blame the server for the food. Actually, he SUCKED long before we got the raw chicken. The story was long enough all ready so I left out how BAD the service was. Since my DD is/has been a server, I'm always as nice as I can be to them if the food is bad. I know it is not their fault. I even Tipped the guy despite how bad he was. So there, DD! LOL. Love ya!


darling daughter said...

yeah, i'm used to it..

but there are certain people who when a server sees again in their restaraunt, they run and hide.. and talk about you. just remember that the server doesn't cook the food so don't yell at them, it's not thier fault the kitchen sucks!

darling daughter said...

and that was a joking comment mommy :)

Kip said...

uh sound like my mother was in restaurants...I hated eating with her, lol!!!
Boy you got some good deals though!

Denise said...

darling daughter... haha

WTG again on the great deals...

SO glad you were able to come to dinner.

Great cropping with you, must do it more often..

Sorry you had issues at dinner with DS. Here you wanted to do this great wonderful thing for him and BAM! It doesn't go so well.. oh well, always 2 weeks from now, can't be worse, right??? hehe

Love you! See you on Sunday!