Friday, February 8, 2008

Website is UP

Apparently everyone on the planet can access it BUT me! I'm not sure why, but when I try to click on the link I provided in my ANNOUNCEMENT posts..I get the message that the site is still down. When ANYONE else clicks on goes to the Home page.


Perhaps my work computer is gently suggesting that I WORK instead of surf.

Anyway, please check out the great products I've been telling you about. I'll be glad to get an order together for you or talk about planning a party so you can earn all the fabulous Hostess items you will see offered. Don't forget, my February hostesses will receive DOUBLE credit so contact me soon to lock in the date that you want.


In other news,

LOST last night was another wild ride. They better get the Writers strike over soon because if they cut us off and make us wait for new episodes....ARG!!! My head will explode.

Anyone check out the new show, "Eli Stone"? The commercials looked silly but we watched the first show and we HATED it. Actually that isn't true but we are afraid to admit our true feelings. We have a habit of killing shows that we like. We are going to continue to say we hate it! Watch if you must. We can't advise one way or another.

Question? Why do they allow Postal workers to go to lunch during the same hours that other people are at lunch and need to go to the POST OFFICE? I appreciate you need to eat too but come on.....ONE clerk during lunch?

Bunco tomorrow.

Gonna hit some Yard sales if it doesn't rain.

Pricing and getting ready for SIP yard sale next week.

Did you get your Valentine's Cards made & mailed? I wanted to mail them today but forgot to take them with me to the PO. Figures. Guess I'll take a few quick pictures and get them mailed tomorrow. Hope they arrive on time!

What are you doing this weekend?

LisaD, How is your MOM??

Jenna...hope you have a nice Anniversary weekend.

Speaking of..ONE MONTH from today!!! Wow.

Til later......................................


Kip said...

When you click on your link, it's going to the older cached file that wasn't good. Type the link in again and you'll be fine.

Michele L from Tampa said...

haha I tagged you :) I know how much you love that.

Yep Lost is great!