Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finally Day

Today is the anniversary of an event that FINALLY changed several lives forever. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the day my DH came back to Florida, after over 30 yrs, to reunite with his High School Sweetheart. ME! It is a day that was not all sunshine and light for others but one that was long overdue. 2 1/2 weeks from now we will celebrate an even bigger anniversary and a very special birthday.

Before I make everyone ill, lets talk TV.

Prison Break season finale last night. WOW. Some parts were really exciting. The ending was quieter than I expected but full of promise for another great season.

Medium. Why do people still question Alison after all the times she has been proven correct? It was a good twist to have her deaf since her "client" was deaf. As much as I like peace and quiet sometimes, I'd hate to not be able to hear my loved ones voices.

Nip Tuck season finale tonight. I MUST watch the show in "real time" so that I can discuss it tomorrow with a co-worker. I was two weeks behind until Sunday and OMGOODNESS!!! No wonder she asked me everyday if I had caught up. Such a wild ride.

AI gets down to it tonight with the guys. Looking forward to see how this season plays out.

We have several shows that we need to catch up on so will discuss them later.

Southern Living at Home update.......it's not to late to book a party for DOUBLE hostess credit if your party is held in February and totals $500 before S&H. Already booking parties for MARCH and looking forward to meeting some new people.

Another report of a possible illness. This time in the family of a co-worker. I hope things are not what they originally appear to be. Still waiting to hear from Georgia and all the goings on there. Continuous prayers for all involved.

My boss is in China and about to meet her new daughter. Exciting for her but I still have work to do so better scoot.

Til later........................


Terry said...

Oh boy I hate tv but despite that little misdemeanor on your blog i enjoyed reading about your anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Cheryl and dh! I'm so glad for you that he moved back!

Denise said...

Happy Special Anniversary Cheryl and DH! Who knew moving TO Fl could bring such joy.. hehe

Happy Day!