Sunday, February 10, 2008

Personal website is Launched

After a fun night of BUNCO with my Scrapyard gals and a afternoon of playing Wii with my DS, I finally got my Southern Living at Home website done. Well, it's online. I will probably tweak it later but wanted to get the info to my readers ASAP.

Head here and then let me know what you think. Contact me if you are interested in placing an order or scheduling a party.

I'm running as I promised DS that we would have lunch together. It has now turned into dinner and he wants to go by Wally World to get some rechargeable batteries for his Wii. I still need to make a card for a friend tonight so I really must scoot.

How was your weekend? The upcoming week is going to be crazy!!!! I need 48 hours in each day.

Til later.....................a

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