Thursday, February 21, 2008

Show in the Sky & goodbyes

Who got the chance to see the Lunear Eclipse last night? We were afraid we'd miss it when the sky clouded up. Fortunately for us, the sky cleared and we got a perfect show. Once the moon was completely covered we tried to watch it come back, but the clouds came and it got REALLY late so gave up & went to bed. Next chance 2010.

We are saying goodbye to one of my co-workers today. We have been running around trying to plan a secret party and we'll find out how well we did in 30 minutes. I made her a scrapbook with pictures of each of us and a farewell message on each page. I hope she likes it.

Now that the boys & girls have both had their nights, who do you think will go home tonight on AI?? We like David & Michael to STAY for the boys & the girl from Sarasota to stay for the girls. Not sure of all the names yet. It will be easier to keep track once we get to the top 12.

Did we talk about the season finale of NIP TUCK yet?? WOW!!!!!!!!

Gotta run get ready for the party. Hope you are having a great day. Will try & post more soon.

Til later.................

1 comment:

Denise said...

It was really cloudy here so our view of the eclipse was so so. Glad to hear someone had a good viewing of it for the most part.

What a sweet gift to give to your co-worker. You rock!

Weekend's almost here! woohoo! See ya tomorrow night!