Friday, February 22, 2008

Let the weekend begin

The farewell party for my co-worker went well yesterday. She insisted she had NO idea and was very appreciative of all the fuss. She loved the scrapbook. I took some pictures at the party and plan to run by Walgreen's to print them off today during lunch. I kept my scrapping stuff in my car so I can do the last of the pages this afternoon before she leaves.

Speaking of running......good grief, just the thought of this weekend makes me tired but happy.

Tomorrow is my Southern Living at Home party. I'm hoping alot of people will drop by that haven't RSVP'd. Otherwise I'll have plenty of snacks left over.

Saturday night is the 30th Birthday party for my gal pal, Cari (HI CARI!!!). She wouldn't allow anyone to throw her a surprise party like they wanted to since she likes to (MUST) be in charge. She has planned tomorrows dinner party and has us all reved up for fun.

Sunday we are cropping at her house. Not sure how she will feel about a bunch of women dropping by at the crack of dawn after her big night out but...then again , she is only 30 so has alot more energy than I do. LOL. I'm going to take stuff to make cards and maybe an actual LO or two. Goodness knows my scrapbooks are feeling very neglected since I discovered card making.

Lots of drama going around and dragging several of my friends and family down. I hate to see them going through such crap and wish I could do something to help. All I can offer is a shoulder and a open ear. I have told them I'm available and will wait for them to need me. You all know who you are. HUGS!!!!

I'll leave you know with a story of early morning stupidity. I read a sign Wed. that said a community nearby was having SALES today. I dropped off the boy at his bus stop and drove a short distance to the "retirement park". I drove up and down each street and NO ONE was set up yet. I was really disappointed that they were getting such a late start since I needed to get to work. As I was driving out of the community I re-read the sign. Seems the sale is the 29th. Today is the 22nd. Hmmmm. No wonder no one was set up. LOL!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Not sure how much posting I'll get done with everything going on. Safe travels to my Sister (& mom) as they drive to Georgia and to my BIL (& friend) as they visit family in Georgia before returning to the great white north.

Til later......................


Cari said...

Hi Cheryl! Can't wait to see you tomorrow... and Sunday!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the first SL@H party was a HUGE success Cheryl!