Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday-Lap 45

Taking a moment to check in while the race is on. I'm listening to it in the computer room and will be joining my DH in the living room in a few minutes. I wanted to update before the day gets away from me.

How is/was your weekend? I took Friday off since I haven't been feeling well and needed to get ready for the yard sale on Saturday. Good thing I did since it took almost all day! Got the car loaded and ready to get an early start Saturday about the time my energy gave out.

Got out early Saturday for the LONG drive to the scrapbook store where we were taking part in their 1st annual Scrap yard sale. It was a SCRAPYARD filled sale with three of the 5 tables outside filled with the SY gals. Goodness knows we have enough stuff to sell. I think I won for bringing the most. Good thing my DD's gals got there ahead of me and helped me unload. Sold some stuff & only spent $3, including snacks.

After the sale I went across the street with my DD gals and had a Greek Salad then headed off to JoAnns to look for a paper Mache house. Didn't find one there and left without buying anything.

Hit a couple thrift stores on the way home and picked up a couple things that I'll take to the next scrapyard sale on the 1st.

Spent a nice quiet Saturday evening with DH watching TV and then had a nice quiet Sunday morning before unloading the car. Since the sale is in 2 weeks, I just left all the stuff on the table in the garage. Will be easy to re-load the car and GO. I'll probably go through my scraproom and see what else I can pull out to add to the pile. was your Valentine's Day? I had a very nice evening with my DH & DS. I even got to see my DD for awhile when she stopped by my work place. My boys did a great job with spoiling me. The best part was when the "Scrapbooker" in me wanted to take a picture before opening my gift, my DH told me he had already taken pictures. LOL. He had actually taken about 10-15! I've trained him well. Take a look...

My DH & DS made the card. So sweet!! The flowers were from my DS and the box was a "Promise" heart necklace from my DH. Very special gifts from my two favorite guys!

Speaking of my Dh, I'm going to go now and watch the rest of the race with him. The race is extra special because it plays a part in our upcoming anniversary celebration "month". On the 19th we will celebrate 3 years since we got back together. He came back to Florida on Race day in 2005.

Another busy week ahead. My Southern Living at Home Launch party is this coming Saturday. Big birthday party celebration that night for one of the SY gals then an ALL DAY crop at her house the next day.

I need to be three people or get a secretary!

Still saying prayers for several people in my Cyber & real family. HUGS!!!!

Til later.............


Jenn(ifer) said...

Sounds like you've had a busy week/weekend. Me too. I nearly forgot about Valentine's Day. Needless to say, I didn't get anything, but its not a big deal. Too much going on! Love u

Denise said...

WTG Ryan!!! It was a good race.. Pretty flowers...

Loved hanging out with you on Saturday and look forward to doing it again in less then 2 weeks... May the money gods look kindly onto those that come.. hehe

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Love the table setup. Very sweet. I'm sorry you hadn't been feeling well.