Monday, March 3, 2008

Sales, Shopping & Jules

I spent half of Saturday with the fabulous JULES. More about that later.

Friday I submitted my SLAH order. Thanks to my sponsor, I met my goal. I ended up $45 short and she stepped in and ordered a couple things. YEAH! I was able to get a TON of great stuff for US and then I ordered business supplies and some stuff to give away as prizes at my parties. You'll have to book &/or come to a party to find out what they are but I think they are great.

Saturday, bright and early, I headed to Whimsodoodle to set up for their Scrapbooking Yard sale. It was a much smaller sale than last year, or maybe it seemed that way because they had vendors set up inside this time. Anyway, I shared space with my buddy Denise (HI GIRL!!!) and we were next to the sweet Laurel (HI TOO!!!!!). Caroline dropped by but sold her stuff in 5 minutes and then got to go off and spend her bootie. Mama Nicole snuck by for a few minutes before work. Really looking forward to her baby shower this weekend. ( NOTE TO SELF..go shopping!) We got rid of some stuff and since we stayed until the bitter the last minute sales the others missed cause they left early. Ended up with about the same as the SIP sale so over all was happy. Would have been happier if I'd sold as much as JULES but happy still.

I promised Jules that I would post how "ANGRY" I was at her for selling so much stuff so here goes.....Man, what a lucky chick! Seriously, she finds out about the sale the DAY BEFORE, pops a couple boxes into her car, gets to the sale to set up and within minutes has 20 ladies around her table throwing money at her and it doesn't stop until she has a few sheets of paper left on her table. She barely broke a sweat. LOL. If she wasn't such a sweetheart I'd have really been jealous. How can you be mad at a lady that shares her CHIPS with you?

Speaking of the sale, I also got to see and hug the super fabulous KIP. She came to shop and I got a quick hug. Her hair looks so cute and LOVE the color. HI KIP!!!!!!

After the sale Denise and I went for lunch and discovered that Subway workers are way under paid. We stopped at one near the Trop and the AC was not working. It was at least 10000 degrees in that place. The poor worker was sitting outside when we got there, trying to cool off. Luckily for us there were tables near the bathroom where the air was a little cooler.

After lunch I headed off to thrift shop my way across Pinellas and Pasco US 19. I didn't really find to much and was disappointed to find that they have built "frontage roads" all along 19 and I missed many of my old shops because by the time I saw them it was to late to get onto the frontage road and I didn't want to go down and turn around. I ended up stopping at the JoAnns near RR and spent an hour there. Unfortunately that made me get to my FAVORITE thrift store 5 minutes after they closed!!! DARN IT!!! Oh well. I did get some fabric storage "buckets" at JoAnns that I put under our bed. They were on clearance so that almost made up for missing the store.

Sunday was a nice day. Watched Sunday Morning with my DH then went to the grocery store for the first time in forever. Thanks to BOGO's and coupons I saved $106. Thankfully I had emptied out the back seat of my car cause the bags filled it from door to door. Guess I should shop more often. LOL.

The rest of the day I made Birthday cards and puttered. I tried to catch up on emails but the puter was running slow again and I had about 50 to read. I didn't even get to the blogs, except for PW and the PROPOSAL and to check on Trish. I'll try to check the rest soon so if I missed something important, email me directly.

Now it's Monday and I have phone duty. Yeah. I also have a lot to do that I have been avoiding so guess I can't avoid it anymore. There are only two of us here today so if I don't keep busy I'll fall asleep.

Hope you all had a great weekend. BTW, we are accepting Anniversary gifts if you are so inclined. LOL. I still don't know what I want. What kind of woman am I?? LOL. Daylight Savings this weekend. Arg. I hate loosing that hours sleep.

Take care.

Til later....................


Jules said...

Thanks for the kudos and for giving me a potty break...I was crossing my legs! It was so good to see you and Ms Jackie and our sweet Amanda too!

Happy Anniversary!

Michele L from Tampa said...

sounds like you had a busy weekend as always