Thursday, March 6, 2008

Time to get LOST

Super busy at work the last few days doing reports so I'm happy to be finished. Anything exciting in your lives?

AI has been a buzz this week. No need for me to speculate on the goings on OFF screen. Still loving David A. Like Tattoo girl and a few others. Guess we'll see who makes the TOP 12 tonight.

Anyone catch New Amsterdam this week? Another episode tonight after AI. We are giving it a chance. Not alot else on so our DVR has plenty of room.

$50 give away still going on. Dates still available. How easy would it be to do a Book party & earn $50 PLUS............??

BIG day on Saturday!!!! Since my DH doesn't read my blog I can share that he is getting the 'GUY toy" he wants. That sounds dirty but its not. I'll wait to share until next week so that no one can spill the beans.

BIG BIG day for my MIL in Georgia on Saturday. Birthday girl!!!! Wish we could be together to celebrate.

Gonna go check on the other blogs I've neglected the last couple days. Hate when I have to actually work! LOL. Oh, I almost forgot.......LOST TONIGHT!!!

Til later..................

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Denise said...

Sitting here just getting last minute things together before we take off to start the treasure hunt then drive to Orlando.

I hope you have a wonderful day together tomorrow. Happy Anniversary again since I won't be on tomorrow to say it.

Hugs! Have fun for me on Sunday! Talk when I get back.