Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why am I awake at this hour?

Last night I attended a meeting with fellow Southern Living at Home consultants and apparently it got my mind to spinning so much I couldn't sleep. I was awake off and on most of the night and finally got out of bed at 5AM. ARG! It is now almost time for the alarm to go off so I guess there is nothing left to do but officially start my day.
What had my head spinning? So glad you asked. We were discussing Convention (NASHVILLE here I come!) and ways to share FREE product with our friends. I will be offering 12 lucky people a great way to earn free SL@H items, without leaving your home, in a couple days. Stay tuned. Speaking of free stuff, I am also excited to tell you that if you order $125 in personal sales (you actually can combine your order with other people to reach the $125) you can earn the $50 in FREE product we are giving our qualified Hostesses this month! WOW. Email me for details but hurry...time is running out.

Now for some catch up...

Our Anniversary was nice but unfortunately my DH was sick most of the weekend and on Monday. He was running a fever & had a touch of a tummy thing. Poor baby tried so hard to put up a happy front but when you are sweating from a fever it is hard to hide it. He did feel good enough to go to dinner on Monday but by 10pm his fever was back in full force. We did manage to sit by the fireplace at the resturant (long-Cheryl at a resturant story) and got a free slab of Chocolate cake so it was a nice time.

Work has been a nightmare the last week. Good grief! On top of all the Drama, our receptionist has been sick so I've had phone duty for 5 days. Anyone that knows me well KNOWS how I feel about phone duty. It's been especially bad considering my "team" has been EXTRA CRAZY BUSY since Friday.

TV....we haven't discussed TV lately. We are HATING the two new shows, Eli Stone & New Amsterdam. They are awful and should be taken off the air straight away! (seriously...that is what we say so the the powers to be will not take off another show we enjoy. Apparently, us liking a show is the kiss of death. YES, we are that powerful) So if you want to watch them, we can't stop you but you have been warned.

AI is down to the Top 12. My heart broke last night for our little favorite guy, David A. My DH said at least now people know he is human and not a perfect singing machine. We are still liking Tattoo chick and Rocker -Cook dude and Michael from Australia. Elimination tonight.

I am so behind on all my blog reading. Anything I need to know? What is happening in your world?

Oh, we did set our alarm to watch the shuttle go up. Unfortunately it was so cloudly that we couldn't even see a glow. Apparently it was so cloudy at the Cape that they had the same problem, loosing site of the shuttle almost as soon as it lifted off. We ended up watching the replay on TV and then trying to go back to sleep. DARN! Night launches are so cool, sorry we missed it.
I hear my DH stirring so the alarm must have gone off. Guess I'll get my act in gear and get ready for another day at work. Hope everyone has a great day. Don't forget to email me if you are interested in FREE stuff. BTW, I'll leave you with a picture of our bedroom wall...these items could be yours.

Til later..................

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