Monday, March 31, 2008

Now it really is Monday

Well, for a few more hours. How was your weekend? Mine was even busier than I thought it would be.

First thing, I went around the neighborhood Saturday morning for the yard sales. Found the perfect basket I needed for transporting my party wares for $1. I found three more rolling drawer units, one Large and two smaller ones $3 each. I found two full cases of plastic containers that would be great for holding sets of greeting cards, 170+ of one size and 96 of a larger size, $3 a case. I picked up a couple more things and then headed home to get ready for the baby shower.

The baby shower was at Beef O' Bradys and I was surprised to see the location had a "party room". The gals that gave the shower treated us to Queso, Chips, Salad, Wings, Drinks & our own Nicole made a really cute-DELISH- cake. The mommy to be, Deidre, got lots of stuff for the new BOY on the block.

After the shower I ran some errands and finally returned mom my early evening. TV time then I passed out tired.

Sunday we watched " Sunday Morning" and then I loaded the car and headed to my Southern Living at Home party at my friends house. It was a combo SLaH party & housewarming. I had arranged for people to buy her stuff from the catalog. Between that and the credit she got from peoples purchases she got everything on her list.

New month starts tomorrow. The SLaH Hostess specials are SUPER and the Customer specials are darn great too. I have several things set up already but have a few days left. Check my website for the April specials and email me soon!

Til later...........

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Denise said...

So glad you were able to come to the shower. The weekend sure did go fast. Take care!