Thursday, March 13, 2008

Drama continues & a new baby

I started to write the title to this entry and it sounded familiar. Sorry, we are going to have to go with it or I won't be able to post.

Work is still crazy busy...still on phone duty..still hating it...!!

Got something very special in the mail yesterday. I'll share it with you soon. It involves scanning and stuff I don't have time to do right now.

My beloved niece in Georgia is about to become an AUNT for the second time today. A little boy. Yes, that would mean the mother of the baby is my niece too but that is a LONG story. I do not mean the child ill will and pray that the baby is healthy. We've never been close like I am with my Jenna. Not the girls fault. She can't help who her mother is. Anyway, hope everyone is ok and that this is the LAST of the "Grill offspring".

So by now you are probably saying, still haven't gotten any sleep have you? You sound so grumpy. Actually, I was still sleeping at 6:50 this morning when my DH came into the bedroom and informed me of the time. Hmm. Would you believe I got up, showered (with hair washing), got out, dried my hair (mostly), took my pills, got dressed, out the door & had the DS to the bus stop with 3 minutes to spare at 7:03. Guess those Sleep aids I took last night worked. Still could use about another weeks worth of rest. Yep, that will happen.

Anyone else stunned by last nights AI results? I really thought they would finally get rid of "Country girl"..but no. Didn't get involved in the drama about what David H did or didn't do for a living but he is a better singer than Becky/Sue/Katy/Austin...what ever her name is. I was glad that David A. got a second chance. I bet he never forgets another word to another Beatles song, ever again! Speaking of Beatles funny that the week that drove the kids crazy will be repeated again next week. Wonder what songs they will choose this time?

I know my sister tagged me but I'm not gonna do it. At least not yet. I'll save it for another day when I'm to lazy to come up with a post. Speaking of posts...the next week will be hectic and crazy so forgive me if I'm not on track each day. Lots of stuff going on at home and at work and it's really cramping my "sharing".

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm so behind on my blog reading that I hope I haven't missed anything important. Please email me directly if there is anything pressing I should know about.

CRAP....Speaking of stuff, I just remembered, today is my BIL's birthday.
HI DAVID!!!!!! I hope you are having a grand day in the great white North.

Til later.............................


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David said...

Thanks very much DSIL (is that right?)! Having a good b-day at work. Not really great white north right now (52 and overcast, here) but certainly better than eastern Canada! Looking forward to a relaxing evening at home...