Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mid week photos

I hope everyone is having a super week. I've been so busy at work and at home that I can't get a chance to blog. Not to mention a certain Pre-teen (for approximately one more week) that is on my "picture loading computer" ALL afternoon & evening. I know I can tell him to get off so I can use the puter but honestly I have not had the energy. I decided tonight was the night so......

First I tried to scan the picture I am dying to share but my compter has decided it doesn't recognize the scanner. I'll figure it out and in the mean time enjoy some shots from Easter, my new door decorations and a couple cards.

Here are the folks I spent Easter with. It was a quiet day with just the kids, DH & myself. No muss, no fuss...

Here is the card that my MIL should receive tomorrow. I only made Easter Cards for the kids and my DH. This is my Spring card.

I used a spare piece of the DCWV glitter paper, green grossgrain ribbon, my cuttlebug embossing folder for the yellow cardstock. Embelished with flowers and a giant Bazzil brad and stamped the sentiment with my Large "dial" letter stamp (sorry, I'm to tired to remember the actual name & to lazy to go in the other room and check)

This card was for a girl at work that is having breast reduction surgery tomorrow. I'd seen "bra" card patterns on several sites but really wanted to try and come up with my own. I wanted a center opening card which turned out to be more difficult than I imagined. This was the end result. Not quite the picture I had in my mind but it got the point across. Inside the card I wrote, "We'll support you while you are gone". I had her co-workers write a little something inside and she was very touched.

I'm very pleased with my new front door decorations. These are a pair of Southern Living at Home buckets teamed with their "Must have" door hangers. I got the flowers at Michaels, cut them all apart and made the arrangement. I think they look great but my DS said I am making the house look to "girlie". LOL

I don't care what he says, they make me happy everytime I get home.

Anyone watching Idol or Dancing with the Stars? LOVE IDOL and I've got Dancing taped so don't spoil it for me. Very happy to see that the new shows are finally getting ready to start. We've been enjoying several of the "replacement shows" and hope the continue when the regular stuff is back at full run.

Til later.......................


Anonymous said...

Love the spring and bra cards! Very cute! Your ds is getting older, judging from this photo. Is he a full fledge teen soon?
Love the door hangers. Too funny he thought you're making the house "girlie". How cute is that!

Jenn(ifer) said...

what cute cards! jess & michael look so much alike. My kids do not look alike, lol.

I am liking David Cook on AI. He is a great performer.