Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend roundup

How has your weekend been? Busy? Did you get to spend time with your family & friends? It is winding down and that always makes me sad. I still have a ton of stuff to do and not much more weekend to do it in.

I started out Saturday morning heading to a church yard sale. Unfortunately, it was outside and a really junky one. Bummer. I drove around for about 30 minutes and didn't find much to look at. -0- spent. I guess the weather Friday must have scared people away.

I had a southernlivingathome party scheduled for the afternoon so headed home to get ready. It's a good thing I did as my Hostess called and asked me to come early as some people were coming an hour early because they had a wedding to get to. We ended up having about 10 people come and it was a very good party. My hostess is going to enjoy about $250 in free products. We had some people that didn't take advantage of all of the customer specials so If you are interested, I can take your order for them and add them to her party. It will help her out and you will get a really great deal on some super products. I have another friend that is doing a book party and would appreciate some orders to help her reach her goal. Email me for details.

Did some shopping this afternoon. Have you bought your Easter stuff yet? Walmart was a Zoo and already out of some of their candies. Good thing my DD & DS are old enough to be happy with what ever they get. Speaking of Easter, I need to get some cards made and in the mail. The postal service to North Georgia is a crap shoot. Luckily my in laws are not upset if their card arrives "late".

St. Patricks day tomorrow. I didn't get any cards made for that occasion. It is an anniversary of a painful one for me. This year is the 7th anniversary of a night I came close to serious injury or death thanks to a head on collision with some boys in aother car. I broke three ribs and they still bother me since they didn't heal "straight". Thankfully that is all that happened and I'm here to enjoy a life I couldn't have imagined at that time.

Having said that, I think I will go kiss my DH. Hope you all have a great week. I still need to scan and load a picture for you all but it is another thing on my list that will have to wait. I need to go make some cards.

Til later..........


Kip said...

Happy St. Paddy's day Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had such a bad accident, but so happy you are here today and thankful for what you have.
Thanks for all your comments on my blog! You're so sweet!

Denise said...

Done my Easter shopping? I don't have their candy yet, but I have their other fillings.

Bummer that the yard sale was a bust.