Friday, March 28, 2008

Monday already?? NOT really

but this weekend is going to go by so fast that's what it will feel like. Tomorrow is a baby shower and then on Sunday I have a Southern Living at Home party at the home of one of my dearest friends. Both events should be fun but they are both an hour away from my house so it will be an all day affair. OH, and I'm supposed to get SIX boxes of SLaH at my house tomorrow. YIKES! This is only HALF the order. We split the order in half so the hostess didn't have a TON of stuff to deliver. I got an email that both orders should be delivered and we are both getting 6 boxes. Good thing we split them up!!!!!

Tomorrow morning I think I will check out the yard sales in my neighborhood since I really don't have time to set up myself. I saw an ad for someone selling scrapbooking stuff. Goodness knows, I need more!

My sister is leaving on a cruise tomorrow for 5 days. Hope she has fun and the weather is nice.

Work is still a bear so guess I better get some of it done.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. DS is at his dads and is invited to a birthday party on Saturday. His dad has promised to take him. I sure hope so because it is the FIRST invite since he started at this school. Baby steps.

Til later..............

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