Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sold some stuff, made some new friends

First an update on the boy.....took him for his Dr. appt on Thursday for his pre-high school, yearly checkup. He was 5'8 and 140. WOW! Where has my little boy gone? He is now officially 4 inches taller than his mother.

Spent Friday getting ready for the Scrapbooking yard sale. Pulled stuff out that I've been dragging to the last three or four Scrapbook yard sales. Went into my scrapbook room (can you still call it that if you haven't scrapped in at least two years?) and pulled out some "new stuff" to add to the pile.

Sale was today and if you missed it, you missed it. There appeared to be great deals. I can only discuss what was on my table. My friend L. was there and she was my guardian all day. She wouldn't let me even think about buying anything. Just the sort of friend I needed. I did meet a lot of nice people and made some new contacts. Looking forward to touching base and see if we can't get together and actually USE some of our craft stuff.

Spent the afternoon with a dear friend and former co-worker. She has an adorable house and it is decorated exactly the way I love. Had a nice visit and then I headed home and spent some time with DH.

Finally watched Slumdog Millionare. Guess I had no idea about the plot except for the obvious-TV show. Reinforced my feelings that I do not want to visit INDIA. No offense meant. It was very depressing. Glad we finally watched the movie and did enjoy the love story of it. Our favorite line was when the main character asked his brother about a "Girl" (if you've seen the movie you understand) and the brother says, "Still?". We could relate.

Doing some work on the computer while DH watches his Nascar. Going to send some emails to the people I met today and then will call it a day.

Hope you had a great day with your friends/family. HUGS to all my friends and family that are under the weather or recovering from surgery. Hope you feel better soon.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....I almost forgot......I got to see my favorite little man today. Hi ROOOOOOO!!

Til later..................


Jenn(ifer) said...

So glad you watched Slumdog. I really felt that it was a brillant movie, although it was so dark and depressing. I had no clue either prior to watching it, but I watched it 2x the night I had it it was that good

Nicole said...

Hi Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Larry!!!