Tuesday, August 4, 2009


One disadvantage of being unemployed is apparently you never know what day it is. How did it become TUESDAY the 4th of August. I have to tell you that I'm a million times busier now than I ever was when I was working.


It's hard work looking for work. Not to mention that the end of July was CRAZY!!!!! I was staying up until 1-1:30AM and on the last night of the month I finally got off the computer at 3:20Am. It takes awhile to close out hundreds of orders and make sure they are perfect before the deadline, especially when the catalog is changing and the ALL YOU 24 issue deal was ending.


So, the boy is home--except he goes back to his dad's tonight until Friday night. We've had fun getting back in gear with having him around. I made him try on all the jeans in his closet yesterday. ALL the pants that I bought right before school ended before summer break.

He ended up with TWO pairs that are not to short. Thankfully I'd bought a couple pairs we thought would need hemming. Since I DO NOT hem, they were still long. At least four pair are "Jethro Bodeen" short. Anyone need size 16-18 boys jeans that apparently fit a boy SHORTER than 5'8"?? NO, the tags got taken off when we bought them. They fit then. Plus my DH insists on WASHING all clothes as soon as they come in the house. Rats.

Took the boy to Beall's for their 70% off clearance with a $10 off $50 coupon. Don't really have the $40 due to the work situation but he can't wear two pair of pants all the time. We ended up getting three pair of shorts. One clearance and the other two reduced but not clearanced. Still got to use the coupon. I bought myself a shirt to get to the total needed. Didn't try it on and it ended up not fitting. Will take it back and get the $ BACK. Since I bought a Dressy shirt and pants for a total of $6 at the SALLY yesterday, hate paying $15 for a shirt---even on sale.

BTW, did you know that the apparent Shorts style for a 14 yr old boy looks like my Grandpa would have worn...had he worn Plaid shorts? Hysterical but the boy was THRILLED. Got him a pair of "South Pole" ones that he is wearing today. Wish I could take a picture but I have misplaced my digital camera.

If you could see my Scrap/office you'd understand. That is my next project.

Speaking of Projects, I redid my master closet over the last several days. (Another reason I haven't posted). I got those special hangers they sell on HSN..(they had a HUGE -get 50% more free sale, NO shipping and 5 easy payments..I have a CC for those occasions). Anyway, it looks so nice to have ALL the SAME hangers..all color coordinated with the Master bedroom/bathroom. All the clothes are hanging neatly. I still have the rest of my DH's side to do but it looks really nice so far. I took a Before picture but it's on my Disposable camera so we'll have to wait to see them. I weeded out and got rid of clothes that I will never wear again. I have a HUGE box of hangers to share with the food bank/thrift store nearby. Wish I could have afforded to get hangers for the Boys room. Wonder if they still have the anniversary sale on line? hmmmmmmmmm?

Working on my SLAH business. Really want to meet new people and start having regular parties again. August is a fantastic month to have a get together so I'm trying to let everyone know. They already announced at convention about the FREE $130 value Savannah Beverage Server for a $500 party and then Saturday they added DOUBLE HOSTESS dollars. WOWZER!
Check out my website for details here.

Almost forgot...ALWAYS ask questions and see if you can get a better deal especially in these times.

I've been needing a replacement cartridge for our fax machine. I priced them at Office Depot and decided to check Staples as I have their membership card for Cash back. When I was looking at the cartridges, the Asst. Manager happened to be near by and asked if he could help me. I told him that quite frankly, I was thinking about going back out to my car to call Office Depot to verify a price on their fax cartridges. He said, "lets go check on my computer". We went and he brought up the Office Depot website and we discovered that OD was cheaper. As it turned out, the box I was holding was the Entire cartridge and I actually just needed the "ribbon". We checked those prices and then walked back to their section where we saw that Staples was OUT of the ribbons. At that point he offered to Order a box of theirs, give me the Office Depot price and have it delivered to my house at no extra charge, and it counted towards my Rewards. Sweet!

Working on printing a lot of stuff I need for my August parties so will close. I just wanted to say hello and check in with my blogger peeps.

Prayer request: Tim and Melanie. He'll know why. Thanks.

Til later...................

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