Sunday, August 30, 2009

Date afternoon FInally

My birthday was 10 days ago and my DH and I finally got a chance to celebrate. We decided to head to our local theatre and see a movie. Our choices were limited due to the schedule but we decided on "Taking Woodstock" and are glad we did.

It was really cute and the fact that we were two of the FOUR people in the entire theatre made it even better. The other two people were teenagers and they sat in the last row. I never looked back to see if they were actually watching the movie. We enjoyed ourselves and laughed out loud alot! We were to young to go to Woodstock but appreciated the history of the time.

SPOILER ALERT............................

They really didn't show the actual concert, the movie was more about the act of bringing the event to the area and the people of the town. If you are going to hear and see the concert, rent the original Woodstock movie. If you want a nice, sweet little movie-go. It would make a really cute rental if you don't want to spend the $$ to see it in a theatre. WARNING.....several scenes of nudity-frontal-MALE nudity so I'd make sure you use judgement to take young kids. There is some language and LOTS of drug use (pot-acid) but appropriate for the theme of the movie.

After the movie I dropped my DH at home and headed to Subway to redeem our FREE meal. Can't remember if I shared my experience with our brand new Subway but it involved STALE-HARD bread, contacting the Subway website, getting a call from the owner-manager of the local Subway and an email promise of TWO completely FREE meals. I finally went and redeemed the email. $20 worth of free food for an original $5 investment.

The boy just got home so I need to go bug him. Hope you had a great weekend. My SLAH party yesterday was fun. Great group of women. Had a great time at my jewelry making class later yesterday afternoon. Made a cool necklace. Between all the free Premier Jewelry, the stuff I've scored at the thrift stores and the one I made yesterday, I'm all set.

Till later..........................

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