Saturday, August 8, 2009

While we are on a roll.................

Thought I'd do another exciting post about what is happening in my neck of the woods.

Well, my chair, at my kitchen table, where I have been sitting most hours for the past almost 40 days.

But, I digress.

Had my Southern Living at Home party on Wednesday night. Just like riding a bike. If the wheels turned really fast and you ran off the road a few times.

Kidding. I was probably more nervous than I should have been. It didn't help that there was a HUGE mirror right in front of me. I kept catching my reflection and it would throw me. All the years of drama classes, performing in live productions and I DO NOT like to watch myself speak to a crowd.

Is it just me?

Anyway......................I have another party on Saturday the 15th and am really looking forward to meeting new people. Now that I have the main part of my "presentation" prepared, I'm sure things will go smoother. One of my "Baby consultants" wants to come to watch since she hasn't done a show yet.


Kidding again. It will be fine. Good grief ,when will I learn some confidence? I'll be a year older in a couple weeks. (HINT-HINT). It's about time I get over the butterflies.

SPEAKING of parties....I'm having another Premier Jewelry party on the 15th. This is my second-party trade and hope we have another nice turn out. I've never tried a Morning party before. Hopefully it will mean gals can leave the kids with someone and come have some fun without stress. I have several friends that couldn't come last time because they didn't have a sitter.

If you are in my area and want to come play with some beautiful me for details.

The boy is home and back on schedule. It is so strange to see him as a "full fledged Teenager" and hear the difference in his voice. We just got his first High School newsletter. Hope that is a good sign that this school can get information to the parents BEFORE the events.

The girl is in NYC. Having fun with friends, seeing the sights.

Yes, I know she owes me money.

Yes, SHE knows she owes me money.

Yes, she still had the nerve to text me this morning and ask FOR MONEY.

I laughed my A** off and texted her back "Thanks for the best laugh I've had in awhile".

Unemployment, the best way to avoid guilt when you say NO to your child.

How has your week been? My dear niece sent the last of her babies to School this week. (yes-they are early..must be in case of snow days??) She was sharing her experience on her Facebook page and Thanked "the people at ABC for their help that morning" coping with the pain of her little one going to school.

Not knowing that school had started, I naturally thought she meant the LIQUOR Store.

It was an honest mistake and in no way reflected my need for a drink. I'm just tired.

Think I will go check the web and see what my peeps are up to. Check back and see how the job hunt is going. Or maybe you can just check to see if I've lost the remaining sliver of my mind.

It can go either way.

Til later........................

PS, my closet is FINISHED. Don't hate me but it looks fabulous. Now to get the disposible camera processed. But on the bright side, I found the BIG camera so I can take pics of the AFTER if need be. You can just image the before. It was Bad!

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