Thursday, August 13, 2009

Posting from my bed

I decided last night that I was staying in bed most of the day.

Because I can.

I made it till about 10am and then started feeling guilty for not "doing something. The boy, who had made the same decision last night, came into my room about the same time and I asked him to go get my computer. Thankfully he also brought the plug so I've been on line ever since.

Checked BOTH email addresses, checked Facebook, sent reminder emails about the Jewelry Party (are YOU coming??), talked to my Director and learned a valuable lesson about my FedEx account, semi watched MANY hours of HGTV and now am updating here.

What are YOU doing?

The boy has his school orientation this afternoon so I must get moving soon. Looking forward to checking out the new school but still freaked out by the fact it is HIGH SCHOOL.

Have a busy day on Saturday with my double PARTY SWAP day. Hoping to meet some new people and make some new business connections.

No news on the Job front. Still submitting resumes and waiting for the right position to appear. I hate being in limbo. I really would like to get hired, have a few days before starting so I could finish some home jobs with no guilt.

Speaking of home jobs, I took the disposable camera to be developed. If the closet pics turn out, I'll scan and post them soon. It's amazing how happy looking in the closet makes me now. It is still not finished but the "Jewelry shelf" arrived and the DH will be installing it soon. I want another dresser unit for my "undies/Pj's" but am not in a hurry. I also would like another storage unit for the rest of the "Stockpile" but am willing to wait until I find another one at a yard sale/thrift store. Big lots has one on sale this week but not ready to pay $20 when I've gotten the others for under $5. I must say, when your clothes are organized, it's amazing how easy it is to get dressed. I also realized an "Over- shirt "was missing because of the organization. I found it in the Garage (don't ask) and now it is in the wash and will be matched up with it's undershirt soon. Would never have noticed without the new closet organization.

Now if I can get the garage and scrapbook/office back in gear I'll be really happy.

So, if you are nearby and can come to the BLING party on Saturday morning, let me know and I'll give you directions.

Til later........................

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Jules said...

YOu sound like one busy lady even from the bed!