Sunday, August 16, 2009

Run down and poopy

Guess my decision to stay in bed on Thursday was getting ready for what was to come. Friday the boy and I went to the YMCA for our first co-workout. The boy got his orientation and I went and tried the Beginner Yumba.

I love to dance. I miss dancing. How hard can it be?

For those of you that have tried Yumba, STOP LAUGHING.

I almost died and only lasted 30 of the 60 minutes. Actually, I didn't almost die but only because I didn't go full out. My calves were screaming.

I left class and joined the boy out in the equipment area. We walked the treadmill, used the bikes and then I gave him a tour of the rest of the Y. As we walked by the place where I'd had my class, I noticed the "older lady" that had been Yumba-ing in front of me was in the next class.

Seriously, we just (ok-she just did) an Hour Yumba class and now she was in the "seated yoga" class. Yikes. I felt bad enough and then we walked back to the front an read a newspaper article about the "older seniors" that took the Yumba classes.

Girlfriend is 83 years old!

OK, so then I felt even worse.

Later Friday I started feeling really bad. Stomach hurt, felt awful. I headed for bed and hoped I'd feel better on Saturday as it was my PARTY SWAP day.

Saturday morning I awoke to a bad cough but determined to make it through the day.

Ended up having a nice Jewelry party. Earned another $200+ in free jewelry. Had a few neighbors come over and one of my "oldest & dearest" friends. HI G!!!!

Took a brief break after the party and then packed to go to my SLAH party. Took some of our "Yard/patio" items as well as some Christmas items the Hostess had requested. Met her Mom (in law??), her two daughters, a friend and another friend plus two adorable grand babies. Had a rather quick party as she wanted to drive to Orlando to look at a RV for a trip later this year. Thankfully the nice family helped me pack and transport to the car as a bad storm came up just as it was time to leave. I ended up getting soaked but it felt rather good since I was burning up at that point.

Founds lots of Cold/Flu meds in the cabinet, thanks to my previous bargain shopping. Started slamming meds as soon as I got home. Have spent all day today in bed and feel a tiny bit better.

Could be worse, apparently my DD's friends that she just traveled with have been diog. with Swine flu. FUN! My oldest Grandnephew has a cold or the flu and is feeling poorly. Hopefully my DD doesn't get sick and I'm hoping that the meds I have here will help me.

Speaking of meds and sickness, I really must ship the COBRA payment tomorrow. Still be under our deductible but it's better than nothing. Thank goodness for the stimulus package or COBRA would be a real bear!!

Til later.....................

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