Monday, August 17, 2009

Out of Touch

Am still in bed, still not up to snuff. Got up this morning and decided I was not up to going to see Dr. J-my Chiropractor. Called and left a message with the answering service. Don't you know, the office called and woke me up at 10am because I hadn't come for my appointment! ARG!

Just how out of touch am I? Saw the list of new contestants for Dancing with the Stars and only "knew" four of them. Good. Means I can save myself weeks of torture trying to tape and watch the shows.

Luckily it is raining so I don't feel so guilty staying in bed again. Just read there is a Tropical storm somewhere. Since no one has called to set up an interview, I guess I'm ok to try and get better. Sure hope all this Cold/flu meds don't mess up any drug tests I may have to take for employment. At the rate we are going, they should be out of my system by the time anyone sees me.

Hope everyone else is feeling better. I'll sign off now before I spread my germs.

Til later................

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