Monday, August 24, 2009

School starts and I had tests

Man, 6am comes early when you haven't gotten up before 8ish for two months. Since it was the first day of school for the boy, we decided to all get up at his "wake up" time to see him off. When the alarm went off I was having a strange dream and wasn't really sure what the racket was all about. The DH got up immediately and I waited a few minutes to take stock of the upcoming day and then joined him.

The boy was up and ready without much fuss. I decided not to bug him on his first day and try and take a picture. I figured he had enough stress with all the instructions he'd received about what was expected of him now that he was a high schooler. Since it was also-still dark, he was safe from his photo least until he got home. I made him reenact his leaving so I could get a 1st day picture.

He said things went ok, he liked his teachers and his lunch account had money so all was good for the first day. He was a good lad and brought me lots of papers to fill out. His AG class list of dangerous equipment was my favorite. Lets just say that if they use all the equipment listed, he will know more about the privates of a cow/bull than I'd ever want to experience.

Speaking of tests, I had a meeting with a Staffing Agency today. I figured, any resource is a good one. I met with the Staffing manager and then took some Aptitude Tests. I did pretty good on most of them but failed the Excel test like a looser. I knew I had and told them why before they even had the results. I know how to use Excel but the test was not user friendly. I kept trying to click what I knew was the right answers but it wouldn't take the information. As a result I kept clicking other things to make it go to the next question and it would show as an error. Finally, about 2/3rd of the way through the test I noticed a button at the bottom of the screen that would have allowed me to do what I'd been trying to do to make my answers work. DUH!!
They said I could do the test again another day if I want to improve my score. I asked them to tell prospective employers that I really could use the program and to please ignore the current score.

That was my day. How about yours?

Til later........................

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