Friday, July 10, 2009

Public service announcement for the Unemployed

In the interest of keeping it real.

Helping my peeps.

Educating you on things you may not be aware of.....

I bring you tips I have learned while seeking employment for the first time since 1998.

Those of you that were in grade school in 1998 can kiss my grits and disregard these helpful tips.

If you are to young to recognize the phrase, "Kiss my grits", you may also disregard these tips.

1. If a company contacts you saying they saw your resume on XYZ website and think you are PERFECT for their organization. They are probably looking for a SALES person.

2. If you arrive at an "interview" and there are already 10+ people in the lobby and a steady stream of people come in while you are waiting, they are probably looking for SALES people or are a multi-level organization and you should run.

3. If they inform you that you will be attending a "Session or Presentation" that explains their company and or the position, they are probably looking for SALES people.

After several of these experiences, my DH taught me key questions to ASK when being set for an "interview" to avoid falling into one of these traps. These may seem logical to you but as stated above, I'm rusty at this stuff. Cut me some slack.

1. What exactly does this position require, ie: what will I be doing? The ad/job posting can be tricky.

2. How is the position compensated? NOT the same as asking what does the position pay. If they tell you COMMISSION, it's a sales job--NOT Customer Service like the ad claimed.

3. Where will I be located? If they say, In the's SALES.

Like I said, most of this may be obvious to most of you but I've discovered the ads can be tricky and I didn't feel comfortable asking questions BEFORE the interview.

I now know better.

Trust me, when you are unemployed-you need to save gas. Don't go-if you don't know. Even if they represent themselves as a well known company, they could be a "Marketing company"...hiring SALES people for the "well known" company.

Marketing....another Buzz word to avoid.

You're welcome.

Til later.........................

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