Monday, July 20, 2009

ALL YOU magazine changes coming

I've been offering the ALL YOU magazine subscription for almost a year. It's a FANTASTIC magazine in content, plus the $30-60 a month manufacturer coupons each month.

As a Southern Living at Home consultant I've been able to offer 24 issues for $19.95. I donate $2 a subscription to our charity, CUT IT OUT. Well, I'm sad to say that all great deals must change.

Effective August 1st when the new SLAH catalog comes out, the number of issues we can offer goes from 24 to 12.

Don't get me wrong, 12 issues at $19.95 is still a much better deal than WALMARTS $2.24 (or more-I haven't checked lately) an issue or the $23 for 12 issues that ALL YOU offers.


24 issues for $19.95 is a MUCH better deal.

To get in on it before it ends, go here:
2. Click on:
"How to Purchase"
"Hostess page:: Type in your Hostess/Click "continue:" (Use Cheryl (first name), Hinton(last name)
Click on "name"
Type "40776" in the Product search field/click "GO"
Click on Item #
Select this item

3. Finalize/Continue to Check out
4. Fill in your address & information.

*** There is no additional charge for the magazine to be delivered directly to your home. The $10 charge mentioned is only for the direct shipment of PRODUCTS. PLEASE do not click that box! (unless ordering products too. See information below)

*** The confirmation statement about stuff being shipped to the hostess only applies to Products, not magazines.

*** Orders will be submitted to SLAH on the 30th to be sure to get the great deal. I can not submit without payment so make sure you follow the payment instructions or email me for assistance.

You should start receiving your issues approximately 6-8 weeks after the order is submitted to ALL YOU.

**********If you would like to take advantage of the SUMMER SALE specials before they are gone, go here:

and check out the flyer. You can add those to your magazine order but will need to pay Shipping & Handling as described on the invoice for products.

If you are local, I will make arrangements to meet for delivery. If you are out of the Tampa Bay area, please add the additional $10 for the Direct Shipping fee to your home. If your order is $75 or more, I will pay the extra $10.

These subscriptions would make great gifts for the person that has everything.

Email me if you have any questions about anything.

Til later.................

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