Monday, July 20, 2009

Southern Living at Home-Dallas-day 1

When I scheduled my flight to Dallas, it said I'd have lay-overs in Atlanta going west and coming back. At the time it seemed ok since I have family in ATL and parts North.

Never put your eggs in a college students basket.

Actually, it's not the Poodle headed boys fault. His car decided to act up and he had to get it fixed. On the day I flew to Dallas. Darn.

I ended up with a 5 hour layover.

To cheap to pay for Internet in the airport.

Laptop bag, CPAP machine and Pocket book (why didn't I empty that thing before I left??) were to heavy to lug around. Thanks to our Post 9-11 world, you can't leave stuff anywhere and they have removed all the lockers. I sat and stared at a restaurant across the terminal from me for several hours, debating if it was worth it to drag the 50 my big-o-butt over there.


Finally arrived in Dallas at 5pm their time, found a ride to the Hotel, located my room, ran up-dumped my stuff, ran down to the convention registration, then ran across the hotel to my first "Meet and greet".

Let's just say that by that time I was glad to see free wine. Three glasses in fact. Quickly. Chased down with some appetizers. Feeling much better.

An hour or so later, it was time to run back to my room to change into my PJ's for the next event.

Yep. PJ's, Pajamas. About 30 of us in a Directors suite. So cute!

Changed to Coke Cola and candy at that event. As you can imagine my tummy wasn't really happy with me at this point.

Stayed about 90 minutes and finally retired to my room. My roommates were there and we finally got a chance to "meet" and get to know each other.

What a sweet, adorable three gals they are!!! HI PEEPS!!!!!!!

Laughed and chatted until much to late then time for least for a few hours.

Til later....................

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