Monday, July 6, 2009

Butterfly Project

Just when a hint of worry crosses my mind, God sends me a reminder that I have a wonderful life and that this latest "situation" is just a bump in the road.

If you haven't already heard of the Butterfly Project, please go here. It's ironic (not really considering the source of ALL knowledge) that my DH is watching "Defiance" which is about the Holocaust, just as I became aware of the project.
I've always been touched by the stories of that awful time in history. I visited Auschwitz in the mid 70's and I swear the buildings that housed the ovens still smelled. I became so overcome with the "souls/presence" of the murdered, that I had to leave the tour and return to the bus. Last year I dragged the Boy to the museum in St. Petersburg. I tried to get him to read The Diary of Anne Frank but he never would.

Please consider contributing to this project or support your local museum. Go, take your family, discuss and help those events never occur again.

Til later................
If you need more proof that your life is precious and never as bad as you think, read this. (read all the comments too-you never know who you will see there..HI Loretta!!!!)
Another beautifully written post by the CF husband. If you still have not read his blog, you MUST go to the link on my side bar, take a few minutes (hours) and read the story of Gods love in these amazing people.

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Lisa D :) said...

Like you, I have always had a deep sorrow for those who went through and died during that horrible time in history. When I visited the U.S. Houlocaust Museum in D.C. I was quickly in tears just trying to imagine what it must've been like. I can't imagine what you must've felt to have actually visited Auschwitz, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing this information about the Butterfly Project. I'm definitely going to make it a project for my nieces and I do do.