Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dinner and a movie

It was brought to my attention that I was fuzzy about the Dinner and a Movie plan. Add to that, the fact I never shared what we ended up doing and I'm sure you are all on pins and needles to be brought up to speed.

Are you sitting down? You may want to grab a bite to eat. It's a fascinating tale.


Well, not so much but it's a story my DH says will age well.

As you may recall, we had 2 tickets for a FREE movie and a BOGO for Ruby Tuesday. Well as it would turn out, the movie we wanted to see, Star Trek, has apparently left most theatres for a Galaxy far, far away. On July 4th it had limited seating/theaters where it was being shown. None matched our time schedule.

We decided to go to our local theater, PAY to see a movie and that resulted in us deciding to use a $10 off coupon I'd received for my birthday at a local restaurant.

Yes, those of you paying attention may realize that my birthday is actually in AUGUST not July. I'm not sure why the restaurant thought I had a birthday in July but I wasn't about to argue. Besides, we don't have a Ruby Tuesday near us or the local theater.

Hold that thought.

Soooooooooooooooo, we decided to go to the Matinee of our local theater and see Public Enemy. At the risk of offending some readers that I know have already seen the movie and LOVED IT, let me just say....Johnny Depp--great actor. Christen Bales--Ok actor.

Movie.....full of holes. At one point the woman behind us actually said--very loudly..."Oh come on!!". I must admit the same scene had seemed ridiculous to me too. I have a very high threshold for entertainment so was willing to let it slide.

Over all, I gave it a 3 1/2 stars out of 5 and my DH wanted his money back. LOL. If you knew his recent track record in picking rental movies, you wouldn't hold his opinion very highly so judge for yourself.

After the movie we went to the restaurant. My DH had his reservations when we pulled up and it actually said *****Restaurant and LOUNGE. He looked at me like--are you kidding? I offered to go somewhere else but he said, "No-It may have great food."

We walked in and as we were being seated we had to walk by the people getting ready to:

wait for it........



Now again, those that know me--know that wasn't a problem for me. My DH looked like he'd been shot. LOL. Not that he was afraid they would ask him to sing, just that he was going to be in the same room as people that were going to be singing.

Yes, this is the same man that LOVES the audition shows of American Idol but he doesn't enjoy Karaoke of any sort.

I know.....we are VERY different.

So once again I offered to leave before we ordered and he said no...he'd be alright. We ended up being there for at least an hour and he didn't fall out of the booth.

I'm not saying he will admit he enjoyed himself but at least his eyes didn't start bleeding. Of the four people that look turns singing, 1 was good...the others made us laugh behind our napkins. The best part was at the end when a 80+ year old blind man (I only say that because the waitress kept bringing it up. Didn't she ever hear of Stevie-Jose-Andre?) got up and sang two songs. He was really good. BTW, the food was good!

After surviving the restaurant we drove up north a bit, to the same parking lot as last year, and watched the local Fireworks. Nice!

Remember when I told you to "Hold that thought"? Guess what we passed on the way home from the fireworks?

Extra points if you said RUBY TUESDAY. Poop! The same Ruby Tuesday that we have eaten in before. Yes, I lost my mind.

There you have it,the fascinating-true story- of our 4th of July.

You may now resume your lives.

Til later....................

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