Monday, July 20, 2009

Dallas day 2-Big announcements

After a rush to get three "High Maintenance" gals and me ready (just kidding peeps) we went down to the HUGE ballroom for our meeting. Imagine 1700 women, LOUD music and flashing lights first thing in the morning.

After a long day of travel, three glasses of wine and a tummy full of sugary snacks.


Serious, it was ok. They started out with a big production number (we always have Broadway performers) then our Director of Marketing and Field Development (Gary Wright) came out on a Bucking Bronco ala- Gillys and Urban Cowboy. (if you didn't get the reference, you must know Bonnie--LOL--Hi PEEP!!) He made some announcements and then introduced the NEW owner of our company. We had known the company was for sale but they didn't finalize the deal until 2pm on Thursday. I won't bore you with the details but the new owner is someone that worked for SLAH back in the beginning of the company. He talked about new incentives that will be very exciting. Sounds like now is a good time to join my team if you have been on the fence.

Several more people spoke and then Gary came back out and started announcing the top 10 consultants for Magazine sales for the past year.


If you read my facebook page you already know that, yours truly was announced as the 5th highest consultant.

I screamed and went into the UGLY Cry!!!!! Seriously. Check it out....

After I got down from the stage and finally stopped crying, I went out and called my DH. He was so happy and proud!!!

The rest of the day was spent attending more meetings, trainings and then I was supposed to go to a Team recognition party.

I ended up doing my own thing instead. I've never been to Dallas, I wanted to check things out, so I took a free shuttle to Grapevine--Texas. It's a cute little town with OLD buildings that have been made into shops. I walked around and was trying to decide where to eat cheaply when I discovered a vendor faire going on with Artists and best of all.............FREE FOOD from local restaurants.


I ate my fill and then walked down the street to the trolley station to wait for my ride. Once back to the hotel, I walked across the property to the top of the parking garage to wait for the fireworks show. It was shot off across the lake from the hotel and was beautiful.

Next room and sleep.

Til later...................

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