Monday, July 20, 2009

Winding down in the Big D-Day 3

Saturday was a very full day with meetings, training sessions, a HUGE lunch and then more training.

Guess who I ran into, outside the lunch venue?

If you said "the Director that was in charge of the team meeting that I DID NOT attend" the night before, you score 10 points. She asked where I'd been and said that they had missed me and.............................I'd won a trophy.

WHAT????? Apparently, once they took out the directors from the mix, I was 5th top Salesperson for consultants in our line. Sweet.

Saturday night was a MAJOR dinner and awards event. I went, had a fabulous meal, got my trophy from the Director, stayed for some award announcements and then headed for the room.

My roommates got back a couple hours later and we were up talking for AWHILE. Since they were needing to get up at 4am on Sunday, we finally stopped talking and got a couple winks of sleep.

Til later..............................

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It was nice to meet you even if just for a second on that fabulous stage. How awesome to get that money, eh? Momma needs a new fridge - ha ha ha! Best wishes on a strong fall! ~Carmella