Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a day

Yesterday was an amazing day. I felt like I was a part of history. I know that sounds corny but if you know me, you know that Corny is my middle name...

Well actually it's not but you know what I mean

So, I'm sitting in our work conference room watching the Swearing in ceremony and the speech and the Benediction and I was fighting back tears. I was doing good until I got a text from my DD and she said she was watching too and "He is awesome" and I lost it!

Brought to tears by the sharing of events with my daughter that will shape her life in ways I can't even imagine. I've always raised her to believe that people are people and you can become anything you set your mind to..but watching the turn of events yesterday really brought that into greater focus. She allowed me to go with her with she cast her first vote for President and then to share yesterday with her, watching "our president" take his place in was "Awesome".

The next greatest thing to happen was that I got to share the evening with my DD, taking her to an event that she requested for her birthday....RIVERDANCE.
She said that the only thing she wanted for her 21 st birthday was to go see RIVERDANCE for their farewell tour.
I met her at her apartment, watched alittle of the parade and then we headed out to have dinner before the show. We had a lovely dinner, she let us get our picture taken by the waitress, I didn't embarrass her with "singing" (didn't have time or believe me I would have made a bigger fuss!!) and then we scooted downtown to the Performing Arts Center.
The show was fabulous and my DD seemed to enjoy it. We did the entire "theater" experience; bought a program and had our picture taken with one of the dancers (she autographed the book).

Our seats were great. The show was great. The company was more than great. The weather--not so much. The ride home, singing along to the radio...great fun.

DD promised to email me the pictures from last night so "You can blog them, Mom" but I haven't gotten them yet. If I don't get them by tomorrow I will be posting a picture of her when she was a baby...J are you there??

All in all, a super special day.

Til later................


Michele L from Tampa said...

still can not beleive she wanted to see that? wow.sounds like yall had a great time!

deirdre said...

that is awesome! i LOVE riverdance and think they are amazing. i am glad you got to share a great experience with her of many:)