Sunday, January 25, 2009

The new CVS opened today

WOW. I'm so excited. I now have three CVS's within a 5 mile radius. Sweet! The new store opened at 7am. I didn't go then, I waited until 8:30AM. I met the new manager and one of the cashiers. A girl needs friends at the home of the ECB deals. My new friend, the cashier, told me she'd hold stuff back for me when I needed her to. WAHOOOOOO!!

I had several great shopping trips this weekend thanks to BOGO's and coupons. I had two cashiers shaking their heads at my .51 & .58 totals for buggies full of stuff. I then went to Winn Dixie and bought meat & chicken that was on special. I actually COOKED this weekend for a change. The $59 I spent at WD was the most I've spent at a grocery store in quite awhile. So far my Grocery bill for the month is only $100...counting the $59 from WD. We have quite a stockpile of pantry items.

What deals did you find lately?

Til later..............

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