Sunday, January 11, 2009

I can almost see clearly now

Several days out from my eye "redo" and I'm finally starting to see clearly. Not as crisp as I'd hoped but better than Friday. The day after the surgery I couldn't read worth a flip. The doctors office said it was normal and suggested I take the rest of the day off and by my next follow up appointment I should be much better. I didn't take the rest of the day off since I was already so behind but I did try and rest my eye when I could.

Yesterday, Saturday, was a great yard sale day. First thing, I found the 4 drawer file cabinet I wanted. It was at a local community sale and it was even the second day.

Lucky retired people that can have & attend yard sales on Fridays.

Anyway, I paid $10 and then went inside to scope out the other treasures. I found a few things and then headed down the road to look for more sales. I was looking for a church that had advertised a flea market. I never found it but ran across an Estate sale. It ended up being at a house that I had been to months ago. Apparently they finally got down to the "STUFF". You know, the stuff that poeple collect that really isn't worth anything but to them or other collectors of stuf. I ended up buying a box full of stuff for $10. Lots of crap but some cool stuff. Most of it dating from the 50's. I did some research on ebay and most of what I bought had at least one listing. I'm still going to try and sell most of it. Someone should want it. I found a bag full of Vintage valentines from Germany. They are really cool.

When I got home I had the boy go with me in the truck to pick up my new "to me" file cabinet. We brought it home and it fit exactly where I wanted it to and I put all my coupons in-by date. I'm so organized now. Yeah me!

We put the Christmas stuff away in the garage and now it is beautiful. It's so organized that the boy & I sat out there this morning pulling coupon inserts so I could file them and then sat reading the paper. My neighbor saw us and said she liked our new "extra family room". LOL.

Spent the afternoon watching the playoffs and working on my rebates. I have several to mail off tomorrow. I'm working on making spread sheets for my savings & another for my rebates/refunds. Currently I have approximately $75 coming and another $120 worth of coupons from P & G. Sweet.

I was selected to hold a " VELVEETA Game Day House Party ". You are supposed to hold it on the 1st of February to go along with the Super Bowl. They said you could have it on other days so I'm going to combine it with the SLAH customer/Hostess appreciation party I wanted to have this month. They are sending free stuff to use and give away for the party. If you are in the area and interested in seeing some of the new products in our Spring catalog while enjoying tasty Velvetta treats, email me for details.

Watching 24 and need to get done with my spreadsheets so will sign off now. How was your weekend?

Til later...........

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