Monday, January 19, 2009

Movie review**EDITED

We may be the last people in the world to see "Benjamin Button" but....YOU MUST go see the film! It is 3 hours long but you will not feel like it is that long. Fabulous movie, great acting, great emotion...take tissues...GREAT movie.

Have you seen it? What movie have you seen lately?

Til later.............

1/22/09..the Oscar community agrees!

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I want to see that movie SO bad, so no you are not the last to see it. The previews make me tear up, so I'm sure the movie will make me sob!

I've seen a few movies lately that are out on DVD or TV.

The Other Boylen Girl with Natalie Portman. Its pretty darn good!! I like history type stuff, and this one is very scandalous.

Mamma Mia which is probably a comedy musical too close to my own life. A Greek woman with a daughter that has 3 potential fathers...muhahaha yeah irony. I liked it though. Made me laugh, sing, and cry.

ah, I know there is a few more but not clicking in my ole' brain.