Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm very sad

My two weeks off is coming to a close. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I'm going to miss spending time with my DH, not to mention the million things I still have to do.

Saturday I tried to find a four drawer file cabinet at yard sales/thrift stores. I decided I needed one to store my coupon inserts like the "experts" do. I knew there were 5 inserts coming in today's paper and wanted to be ready.

No luck.

Guess I will store them in a pile like always until I can find one. I really wanted to get organized and stay that way.


Speaking of coupons & savings, I had a super couple trips to Publix, WAGS and CVS the last couple of days. LOTS of free/almost free hair products, 12 bottles of FREE Worcheshire Sauce and 20 boxes of Poptarts that were BOGO and then .55 off EACH BOX. Sweet.

BTW, I took alot of that stuff to the Food Bank. Well, except the Pop tarts. My DH goes through a lot of Poptarts.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon cleaning, organizing, filing, discarding stuff from the scrapper room and the all the crap I had drug into the Boys room. Done!

Working on bills, budgets, getting cards ready to mail....etc today. Great way to spend the day while watching Football with my DH.

I found a deal I wanted to share for teachers/homeschoolers I know. I got the following from the Keeping the Kingdom blog....

Scholastic Annual Dollar Days for Teachers and Homeschoolers

Are you a teacher or a homeschooler? Or perhaps you know one. Scholastic is having their annual Dollar Days sale and they will not want to miss it.Now through 1/31/09, over 400 items are priced at only $1.00! Items are selling out quickly, so don't delay.This is a great time to stock up on books and instructional materials for the year. The best part is, shipping is only $2.25, no matter how large your order!*Note: you must be a teacher or a homeschooler to take advantage of this sale. I am not certain how exactly this is verified, but feel free to clarify in comments if you know. Thanks!

Check it out but remember, I don't know anything more than what she posted. Buyer beware.

I'm going to go make some dinner for DH and myself so we can later enjoy the FREE Ben & Jerry Ice Cream I got at WAGS today.

Til later....


Jenn(ifer) said...

yeah i sent my free B&J coupon on... there will be none of that in my house this new year. I'm on a mission to get myself on track again! ::sigh:: its hard

Denise said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Scholastic sale hun.

WTG on all the good savings, I also picked up some pop tarts for the hubby and children.

Talk to you soon.. hugs