Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Birthdays-work-gas and stuff

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite SIL. Ok, she's my ONLY sister in law but she would still be my favorite. We've been sisters even before the official ceremony. Hey L....hope you have a super day. Prayers for good news from the doctors.

I've been back to work since Monday and it is not getting any easier. My sleeping/non-sleeping pattern continues and the alarm clock doesn't care how much shut eye I've gotten. Thankfully DH is getting back in his routine so maybe I can get back on track soon.

I really enjoyed being off those two weeks for so many reasons but saving gas was one of them. Just my luck that the DAY I return to work, with fumes in my tank, the prices would start to soar. CRAP. The gas station nearest my work was supposed to close over the holidays to make way for a WAGS. (Happy about that but sad for the CHEAP-nearby gas they usually had). When I came to work on Monday they were still open and the price was the same ($1.55) as when I went on vac. I planned to get gas but decided to wait until Tuesday when I had more time. Yesterday morning I drove to the station and it had gone up to $1.63 overnight. Poop. I decided to wait until after work and get alittle to get me home and to a cheaper station nearby. By after work, the price was $1.69. DOUBLE Poop! I went to the gas station down the street from the work one and they were at $1.65. I ended up getting $5 in cash, just to get me back home. When I got back near the house, our local station had jumped to $1.80. OMGoodness! I drove past my house to go to the station that was $1.53 last week. (when I didn't need gas) and it had gone to $1.63. I filled up since it looks like it is only going to continue to go up. MAN, I was really enjoying filling my tank for $20 instead of $50-60. This is going to put a ding into my budget.

Speaking of budgets, I've been working on making an official one for 2009. I finally found a spread sheet program on line. My laptop doesn't have Excel so I needed one I could load off the computer. It found one through this site. I loaded the program and created a 12 month budget spreadsheet. I entered my basic income/expense information, created formulas to automatically add & subtract the figures and am now ready to go! I think I'm going to finally be able to make a spreadsheet to track my Publix/CVS/WAGS purchases-savings-RR/ECBs earned. SWEET.

Missed Epithany yesterday. Again. One year I'm going to get to actually attend the ceremony.

Didn't get a chance to pick up my newspaper stash yesterday. They are calling for rain today. I'm hoping it holds off until I can get them picked up as they are sitting in the back of a pickup truck at my coupon buddies house. I still need a file cabinet to put them in but I need to at least get them picked up.

How is your New Year going? Made any/sticking to any resolutions? I'm still sorting through mine. I'm hoping to have my base plan completed by the end of this weekend.

Still taking orders for ALL YOU to support the Mental Health Assoc. through my cyber-friend Kim's blog. Contact me if you haven't had a chance to jump on this great deal. $19.95 for 24 issues. Not even ALL YOU can offer that amazing price. Believe me. People have contacted them directly when hearing about my offer and they have been told the publisher will not match the price. The best I can figure is that Southern Living at Home has worked out a great deal with them or that SLAH is eating some of the costs to make the offer to their customers. Regardless, contact me ASAP. It takes about 8 weeks for your subscription to start arriving and you don't want to miss out on ANY upcoming issues.

Sorry this is so late but....
Kmart Double Days are Back, January 4-9th!
Here are the rules:
This event is for all Kmart stores excluding those that are off shore for example: Puerto Rico.
Stores will be able to double coupons up to and including a $1 value, this has changed from the $2 value.
The limit for this event is 25 coupons per day per customer.
Internet Printables are not valid.
I need to get up dated on my SIS and her son. He was supposed to move out this past weekend. Not sure how that is going to go over. For any of them. It's going to be a big shock to their systems since he's lived at home all of his 21 years (except for one). Wonder if they have turned his former room into a craft room yet? LOL.
Speaking of 21 year olds.......we are at T-minus 2 weeks from tomorrow until the DD becomes officially legal. Not sure how I feel about that. We have BIG plans on how we are going to celebrate. I'll share those with you later. Hopefully I'll have pictures to go with it. DD..if you are reading this, prepare to have pictures taken as your geeky mom WILL BE documenting this momentous occasion. Any grief from you and I will be putting some certain tickets on Ebay!
Getting my left eye re-done tomorrow. Little nervous. Surgery always freaks me out but my eyes REALLY freak me out. My DH will take me and then I may sleep a good part of the day after we return home. The last few times I had the procedure I got home late in the afternoon and I just went to sleep for the night. Not sure how it will work to get home Mid day. I'm always afraid to open my eye(s) until the next day to avoid the sandy-gritty feeling. Guess we will cross that bridge tomorrow.
My In-laws anniversary is Friday. They don't read my blog so I sent them an actual CARD. Unfortunately it was not one I had made. Shocking, right? Sorry. My craft crap/desk is still under the desk top Christmas tree.
Hey, it's the only decoration I haven't had time to take down. The lights and decorations are off of it. I just haven't taken it out to the garage. I usually don't even take ANY of my stuff down until after Epithany so I'm actually ahead of the game.
My story.
Sticking to it.
Ok, my peeps and readers...I really should do my real/healthplan offering/expenses covering JOB. Goodness knows after 2 weeks off, I have a desk piled high. Bleah.
Speaking of blogs, check out my friend Cari's new-improved blog. She is going to be offering freebies and tips you won't want to miss. I may even have a little something in the works there.
Til later.....................

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Loretta said...

Thanks, SIL dear. :-)

I'll let you know what the first scan reveals as soon as possible. The doctor's office hasn't got it set up yet, but it'll be a PET/CT scan. He said I'll be seeing him every two to three weeks while we get all the different tests done and then, if we find that the cancer has not come back, I'll be seeing him every three months, just to keep a closer eye on things and to try to find out what is causing all the pain. Sigh.