Wednesday, December 31, 2008

3 hours to go

til 2009. WOW. This is my DH & my 4th Holiday season since getting back together. That is amazing. We are spending a quiet night at home, alone, watching the bowl games. Perfect.

My dentist appointment was LONG but I'm really happy with the results. I have some rough places on my front two teeth where he replaced old fillings. I'll get used to it or it will wear down eventually. The best thing is that besides replacing the old fillings that were between the two front teeth, he FIXED the chip on one of the front teeth. I didn't know he was going to do that so it was a nice surprise when I looked in the car mirror to check out his work. SWEET!!!!!!

I've spent part of the rest of the day setting up "investing accounts" thru ING. Don't get excited, I've only invested $1 each in two accounts. LOL. I now own 8 shares of MEAD and 1 share of Fannie Mae. LOLsquared. I did it to earn free money. I'll explain it later once it all works out. I was working another deal to get free money when I opened a checking account but they were going to pull my credit report for the Debit card and I'm not sure I want to do that. I'm really trying to clear up my credit so I don't want to risk my score for a free $50.

After I got through with the investing process, I set up a Quicken account to try and set up a budget. Not really sure how to do all of it but the base is done. Next I have been reading Saving sites and working on getting organized for 2009.

I should have cleaned my scrapper room but I convinced myself that sitting on the couch with my Dh and "studying" budget blogs is a smart thing to do.

How have you spent this final day of the year? Are you staying home or venturing out with the crazies? Remember what I said yesterday and be smart and careful.

BTW, the trash men took ALL of my huge pile-o-crap. I left a big Christmas bag full of candy and a Thank you card on top of the main trash can. Think that made it better?

HUGS to my Sis. Hope the new year doesn't bring bad news from the "house". Good luck to Codeman on his move. Hi Mom. Be careful DD...Love ya DS. Happy New Year to my Georgia family & family in laws.
Till later............see ya next year.....

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