Monday, December 1, 2008

Once in a lifetime and other stuff

Did you see the moon, Jupiter & Venus alignment tonight? Super cool! I called everyone I could think of and told them to go outside since the configuration will not occur again until 2050. I plan to watch that one with my grand kids!

Very busy Holiday weekend but didn't get even half of my chores done. Worked on stuff for the vendor event this Saturday. Making some stuff to sell in addition to my SLAH stuff. Made a door hanger for a friend at work to give to her neighbor. REALLY busy with the end of month orders for SLAH. BIG end of catalog sale started today. You must go here and email me ASAP if you are interested in anything as stuff sells out quickly. I placed a $400+ order within the first couple hours of the sale hitting. Great deals and they should be in, in time for the Holiday if you need some great gifts......don't delay.

Speaking of, I need to go check on some new orders and share the ALL YOU deal with another group. I can still hook you up for $19.95 for 24 issues if you haven't subscribed yet. I used a coupon from the December issue on one of the CVS FREE deals over Thanksgiving. That more than paid for the issue!

Don't forget that KMart is offering DOUBLE coupons again this week. They should double coupons up to $2 in value. Some stores will double the coupon even if the item is less which will give you an overage. Some will go up to the value of the item making it free. Some will give you a hard time and tell you that they can't "give it to you for free".....calmly tell them YES they can and read them their own ad. Good luck. I'm not sure I'll get to take advantage as my coupons are sadly out of shape and I have HUNDREDS to clip and no time to do it. I also have so much stuff left from the last time and all the stuff I just got free at CVS at Thanksgiving. I hate to miss out on a deal though so you go and tell me all about it.

Til later.......................


Jenn(ifer) said...

Sorry I didn't get to the phone, but we did get to see it! Tyler & Dylan t hought it was really cool. I wish we had a telescope! Darn it.

Anonymous said...

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