Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy week/month ahead

Friday was a hectic day as I drove 140 miles in my DH's pickup truck to pick up/deliver toys for our work party. Loaded & unloaded 40 boxes plus set up the room. ETC...ETC. I was exhausted by the time I got home.

I missed the Party on Saturday as I had a vendor event. Despite the hard work by the gal that organized it, we had a poor turn out. Vendors were buying from each other. Got the report on the party this morning. Sounds like I really missed out by doing the vendor event and not going to the party. The kids had a great time and thanks to two great organizations we had TONS of gifts for them.

Spent Sunday working on Christmas gifts and cards. I am so behind!!!

We watched Sunday Morning and was surprised that they didn't mention Pearl Harbor. ?? I didn't really see anything about it in the news or paper??? Am I confused and has everyone forgotten? THANKS to our men and woman and their sacrifices.

My family is due back from Ga today. Sounds like they had a good time. Looking forward to seeing pictures. Sounds like it was really chilly this morning. Kinda cold in my neck of the woods too so can't imagine it any colder!

We have a "group meeting/Holiday party" tomorrow so will be out of the office all day. FUN!!

Wed. we are having our "Office Holiday Dinner" with Chorus. We are apparently eating food from Olive Garden. Why not?

Friday I have lab work..OH JOY..they can NEVER get blood out of me. Then I have an eye exam at the Lasic place where they are going to dialate my eyes. They said I may have blurred vision for days. GREAT. How am I going to get home? I've enlisted a co-worker (HI CAROL!!) to go with me and she promised to get me back to the office and home as needed. I'm hoping they schedule the "eye tweeking" I need ASAP. My close up vision is getting really bad. I couldn't see print over the weekend and it made it really hard to see my craft projects yesterday. If you get a card/present that is crooked...sorry!

Saturday, the boy is testing for his next level belt and is doing it with the ADULTS. Wow. I sure hope my eyes are ok for that!

Hey, did anyone in the Tampa Bay area look at the Bealls ad on Sunday. Go look at pages 29-30. My friend's daughter was a model for 4 of the sale items. (Little girl in Hanna Montana PJ's & three others). Thankfully she sent an email to give us a heads up since I never look at that ad.

There is probably more I need to share but I've forgotten what it may have been. So tired. So burned out and it's only the 8th.....

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY month to my SIL & BIL in Ga. I look at your wedding reception picture everyday. You aren't in it but it always reminds me of you both. I wish I wasn't hidden by the other people but that's what I get for being short! At least we have a record of that time. Thanks!! I LOVE seeing pictures from "before".

Metor showers starting this week and we should be able to see the Space Station. Go to the NASA website for details on both.

OK, enough.

Til later..................


Loretta said...

Awww, thanks! I think any picture we're not in is a good picture, lol. I remember that day so clearly, though...Dec. 1st, 1973, the first day we met you. :-) And you had a pounding headache & had to lie down in the motel room where I was getting into my wedding gown. It's been a long & winding road since that day, hasn't it? But we've all survived everything, so far, lol.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

you're so sweet to mention the bealls ad:) i think she's in next week, or the week after again.