Thursday, December 11, 2008

Midweek madness I was typing the heading I realized it's actually Thursday. YIKES! Told you I had a busy week/month ahead.

We had a wonderful time Tuesday at our meeting/retreat. We had our official monthly reports meeting and then our office shrink/team builder started the fun-torture part of our day. First she stuck large index cards to our backs and everyone had to go around a write a word or two that described the person. After everyone was done she took the cards and read them out loud. We had to guess when we thought she was describing us. That's always fun and interesting to see how people describe you. Next she told us we were going to split into two teams, spend 15 minutes deciding on a Holiday Cookie recipe and then we would have an hour to prepare, bake and present our cookies. We thought she was kidding at first but she wasn't. The funniest part was knowing that we were at the Medical Directors house and she didn't know we were going to be invading her kitchen.

An hour later, my team proved why having two BAKERS in our group didn't guarantee good or edible cookies! They were awful!! I could have used my Crop-a-dile and made them into Ornaments for the office tree. At least they looked good.

Next we did our "White Elephant" gift exchange. I won't share the picture of me and my gift as Someone may end up getting it for Christmas.

Yesterday we had our Holiday lunch/Holiday Chorus event. It was great fun. We have food from the Olive Garden and TONS of homemade sweets and goodies. As you can see from the picture above, I really need to step away from the sweets table! Just when we didn't think we could eat another bite, the Fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. Luckily my car is near by so my BFF-Peep and I sat in the car until they gave us the all clear.

On a totally unrelated subject, have you been checking out the Space Station fly overs this week? We saw it Monday & Tuesday and it's scheduled to go over tonight (not sure why it took Wed off but anyway..). You can see it at 6:11pm if the sky is clear. Check out the NASA website for the exact time & location in the sky in your area. It looks like a star that isn't twinkling and is moving across the sky in a straight shot. It's been visible for at least 4-5 minutes and is very cool. Haven't seen the meteors yet but hope to this weekend when they are at their peak.

The boy has his Karate Test on Saturday. He hasn't said so but I think he is alittle concerned as he is testing with the Adults. I know his Kata's are perfect but he is probably concerned about the sparing part. So far I've only seen him spar against a man that tries really hard but appears to have some sort of medical condition that effects his balance & movement. I think DS is afraid to hurt him so he spars half out. Hopefully his teacher will take that into account. He is set to get his Yellow belt. That is a step higher than if he did his test with the kids.

Tomorrow is my Blood work and Eye exam. FUN all the way around. Hope my eyes are better by Saturday so I can see the test and focus to take pictures.

I have big news regarding a new partnership with a fabulous blogger. She will be making the announcement on Tuesday so you'll have to wait until then!

Til later....................

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