Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I told you so

The weekend was as busy and crazy as I warned you it would be.

My eyes were dilated for almost 48 hours after the appointment on Friday. That made it fun to watch the boys Karate test on Saturday. The other parents probably thought his mom was on drugs since I wore my sun glasses inside for the entire time. The light hurt my eyes and I really didn't think they wanted to see my pupils taking up the entire "color" of my eyes. ( It also made it hard to shop on Friday night but with the help of a sweet sales woman, I managed. ) The test lasted almost two hours and the boy did really well considering he was testing against adults for the first time. He ended up having to spar 8 times. He did well until one fateful moment in the 8th fight when his opponents foot met a place that should NOT be kicked...if you know what I mean.

Poor boy went down like he'd been shot.

Guess it's time to buy a cup and I don't mean for Kool-aid.

Long, painful story short.....HE PASSED!!!!!!

He is now officially a Yellow Belt and is so excited to be a higher rank than most of his classmates. I had a meeting so missed the announcement and presentation of the new belt. No worries, it's not the official belt as that comes from Japan. I'll make his teacher "Present his belt" one night when I can take pictures.

After the test and some rest (recovery) for the boy on Saturday we finished setting up the yard display. I really want to put lights on the house but doesn't look like that will happen this year. DARN! I really must get a jump next year and get the lights on the house the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Sunday was a busy day. I tried to get some projects done so I can clear out the dining area so we can get a tree up. Didn't happen. I've made a corporate decision that I will get the TABLE cleared off by the end of this weekend and will put one (or three) table top trees on the desk. Solves the problem of moving the desk and at least we'll have something to put gifts under. Our house, our rules...right?

Three more days (after today) and I'm off work for 2 weeks. YIKES. I'd hoped to get my eye redone while I was out but they are closing for those two weeks too. Shoot. I have a dentist appointment and a hair appointment (thank goodness) on Monday and then the rest of the time is FREE.

Not really. I have plenty to do. The garage is a MAJOR project. I also need, want to get my business ready for the new year. Get this years rebates complete. Place orders of new products, get ready to share some fabulous new lines to my peeps and future customers. I'm planning a BIG open house in January and plan to have lots of items to Cash & Carry to clear out my stash. Details to follow. If you are local...come on over.

Blood work on Friday, almost as fun as always. I told the tech to go straight to my hand since that is where they will end up anyway and I'd rather avoid the additional sticks in both arms. They agreed and it still was an ordeal. ARG. Lab results came back yesterday and apparently I passed for another round. Next appointment is in March, right before our anniversary. Joy!

Speaking of business.....today is the big reveal of my new partnership with a wonderful blogger. She is putting the finishing touches on her post for her blog. I will make my announcement as soon as her post hits as I do not want to jump the gun. I'm very excited as it is a partnership to help a cause near and dear to my heart. STAY TUNED!!!!

Til later...............

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Jenn(ifer) said...

Omg! Josh & I got a kick out of the "cup...and not for kool-aid" - Poor guy... Josh says he sympathizes! lol I'm so happy for him that he passed though. Tell him we love him