Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What day is it?

I seriously am not sure. All day yesterday I thought it was the 28th. I called my PEEP to wish her a Happy Birthday and left a voice mail. Later I discovered it was, in fact, the 29th.


Sorry Carol.

I feel really bad. It's hard enough to have a birthday so close to Christmas but then to have one of your peeps miss the day. BAD FRIEND.

In my defense, I've been working my tail off on housework. Well, not really as my tail is still VERY much still attached but you know what I mean. Me & the boy (or the boy and I) spent the better part of yesterday clearing out and organizing the garage. I have a mountain of stuff to put out to the curb in the morning.

Makes me wish I had figured out what to give the Garbage men for Christmas. Is it to late??

Spent the better part of today running errands. Dropped by my office and showed off my hair cut to the few people still trudging away.

No, that is not the reason I drove 25 miles each way. I needed to run to the doctor and the office is near by. I also was a good person and dropped the boy off at his dads. His dad's car is in the shop and the boy is scheduled to spend the rest of his school break with him. Aren't I sweet?

Speaking of the boy, he has worn one of his new t-shirts everyday since getting them for Christmas. They look cool and he seems to like them. SCORE!

I have a dentist appointment in the am. 4 fillings. Joy. Just how I want to spend my New Years Eve day.

Hoping everyone has a Happy and SAFE New Years Eve. If you must celebrate, be smart. Do it at home or have a designated driver. Remember, you may not care about yourself but my DD will be on the road, returning from work. I want her to arrive safely. LOVE YOU J!!!!!!!

Til later......................

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