Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Double Coupon dash

I ran to KMart yesterday after work with some coupons that we clipped during a "Meeting". I only took ones that were a dollar-two and for things I thought might yield FREE STUFF. I did pretty good, the cat has treats for a long while and got some other good stuff. My original total was $101 and my OOP end up at $36.50. SWEET.

I plan to hit the local store tonight while the boy is at Karate. That has not been to successful in the past but I'm hopeful.

I must clean my dining area tonight, or put quilts over all the mess. I'm expecting some people over on Thursday and don't want them to freak out on the large stack-o-stuff I've been trying to work on. I also need to get gifts wrapped tonight so my sis can pick them up tomorrow to take to Ga. for me on Friday.

Friday night I need to finish up what ever I plan to take to the Vendor event on Saturday and pack my car.

Yeah, I don't have much faith in getting it all done either.

Always a dreamer.

til later...............

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