Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where has the time (change) gone?

Did you enjoy waking up when your body said it was time but the clock said you still had another hour to sleep? Not sure how that will work out tomorrow but it was nice this morning. I stayed in bed and watched 4 ScrapbookMemories and then the Season premier of NIP TUCK. Looks like another good/weird season.

Had our yard sale yesterday. DS was disappointed as he didn't sell his stuff but he did get some $$ for things that I had on my table that used to belong to him. He decided that should be his money so I agreed..mainly to shut him up....what a whinnier!!!! LOL. I got rid of crap that was hanging out in the garage and had been dragged around for the last few years. I sold a few scrapbook items and have my TLC kits at Close OUT prices. If you are interested, comment or email me & I'll send you the list.

Spent today testing some stamps/ink colors/coloring on porcelain and straightening up my "dining room" craft area. Now I'm ready to have some dinner and watch the Sunday night shows. I think I have DH talked into watching the Amazing Race. I used to watch it but it hasn't been part of our routine. We are both burned out on the Extreme Makeover show so he's got the AR set to tape and we'll see if it makes the cut.

What did you do this weekend??

Til later.......................

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Anonymous said...

Glad the sale went okay. What did I do this weekend? Work. And more work. Ugh. It's feast or famine with transcription.
If you have a list of TLC stuff, send it along and I"ll look at they have a catalog online? I don't have one, so can't know what the stuff looks like...