Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mentos experiment and Card update

I'm still smarting from the card issue. I can't believe the lady turned down my offer to refund her the difference in the postage so she could still buy the cards. Instead, she went to the store & bought cards. I know she understood my offer and still shaking my head as to why my offer made her uncomfortable. I was OK with it and not sure why she acted the way she did.

NO matter. I ended up taking the brads off all the cards and using them myself to mail to family & friends. I went back to the same PO and the clerk that day was originally going to just run them through at the regular price but I made a comment about "What a difference a day made" and he realized they were "oversized". He charged me .58 per envelope but NONE were charged at the $1.13. He never felt them up like the other clerk did. I still learned my lesson and will be more caredful about the size of my cards from now on. I emailed one of my favorite "on line" card makers and asked what she does about "bulk-y cards". I'll let you know when she replies.

Speaking of cards, here is one I made my MIL to send to her best friend for her birthday. Unfortunately I failed to mail them in time so it will not arrive before the womans birthday. I'm bummed but the card is still nice..what do you think?

It is my first attempt at an Acrylic card. I used White ink to stamp the front of the card, glued the roses that I'd watercolored and put some glitter to highlight the petals to the outside. Inside I glued card stock to the front & back plus another piece on the outside of the back.

My MIL & her friend are 60+ year friends and my MIL has a wicked sense of humor so I made the saying on the inside funny..

Here is a close up of the front.

Here is another card I made for a Co-worker. She needed a card for a new family member. I love these "Onesies" cards. I made sure not to use brads in case she has t0 mail it.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a picture of the DS taken during the great Science Project of 2007..the Mento's in the Soda bottle experiment....
Til later...................................


Michele L from Tampa said...

that is a really nice birthday card, and really like the oneies. where did you get the pattern - need to card lift that

Kip said...

Georgous card Cheryl!!!

Jenn said...

I love that pic of Michael with his Science Project! He looks so excited about it, lol, like any boy WOULD be! LOL Josh is like "ohhh lets try that!"