Monday, November 19, 2007


Holy Poop Batman!!!!! I'm so excited! I submitted my holiday cards to ScrapScene because of a call they had last week. They mentioned me on the 18th post and linked to my cards. I didn't even know until today when I read my buddy KIPS blog (THANKS KIP!!!!!!). She gave me a shout out and even sent me a email about it. I didn't get on line at all yesterday. DS was typing his science project and I was on my living room floor for over 6 hours clipping coupons ,that had been piling up for MONTHS, while watching the BUCS game.

Check it out here. Scroll down to the post on the 18th . WOW!!!!!

Til later........................

PS...Shout out to Deb O..Thinking Inking..for answering my email about postage issues. She said she has trouble at one PO but not at another. She mentioned a 1/4" slot thing they can put the envelope through to test if it will pass the sorting machine. Now that I know about that I'll ask them to check before agreeing to pay extra for bulky envelopes. THANKS Deb for your help and daily inspirations!

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