Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy B-lated to Georgia & beyound

I didn't make it on line yesterday so you will have to forgive the lateness of my Birthday wishes.

Yesterday was my "Nephew-in-laws" birthday and the anniversary of my Dad's birthday. I hope Josh had a super day. I know he is looking forward to their trip soon. I hope he got to spend some quality time with his wife & sons...HI JENN & BOYS!!!!!

As I predicted, I spent Saturday morning at the local community sale and then wandered around..stopping here and there..soaking up the local flavor until it was time to head to the Crop. Picked up a few things and missed out on a couple things that will piss me off for awhile. Even though I am no longer in the Antique/Junk selling business it still ticks me off when someone beats me to a great deal. When something is in your blood for over 15 years, it's hard to shake. I did beat her to a couple items but I'm sure she got the better end of the "selling deal"..if I was still selling.

Picked up some Martha Stewart at Micheal's last night for 70% off. Her Halloween stuff is clearanced and it gives me a small amount of pleasure buying her , used to couldn't use a coupon, stuff on clearance. Yes, I know she is laughing all the way to the bank. I still didn't pay retail!

Had fun at the Y crop even though there was no peeing in the pants. (Inside joke for the people that crop with me.) Anyway....several items of interest were reveled but they aren't my secrets so they are safe on this blog. HI DOUBLE D's!!!!!

Getting ready to sit at my craft table & create magic..or at least get messy and frustrated cause what's in my head isn't going on to the paper correctly.

I hear the football games coming on the TV and that means NASCAR can't be far behind. Bucs are off this week so won't have to worry about them. Was glad to see the BULLS rebound. Hope they can finish strong and prove they aren't a flash in the pan. They maybe sitting home on New Years Day watching the "I should've been there" Bowl but at least they'll know they didn't give up.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Don't forget to thank a Vet for their service to our country. THANKS Steve!

Til later......................


Jenn said...

We had a nice day yesterday; we were at home & lazy all day. Had a nice dinner for Josh. :) I had a dream I was telling Grandpa "Happy Birthday". I guess he came to see me in my dreams.

Love ya

Jenn said...

Where are you hiding at?!?!?

Anonymous said...

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