Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pre-Holiday posting

Not sure how much I'll post over the next few days. Considering the amount of postings by my other "blogging friends" I guess no one will miss me. I thought I'd pop by and say hello and wish you all a Happy, Safe Holiday.

I may post a card tomorrow but can't count on it.

My kids are supposed to be leaving in a few minutes to drive to SC. I have a bet with my DS as to whether they will leave on time or not. LOL!

My sister made it back from Georgia. She & my mom are heading to Lakeland today to visit with Aunt M. Hope they have a nice time.

my DH & I are planning a quiet day tomorrow. No cooking except maybe a steak that I've had in the freezer. The rest of the day will be spent watching TV and playing at my craft table. I have to take it down soon as it's where the Tree will go. WAH! Guess I'll be stuck in my craft room for a month.

My MIL finally received the cards yesterday. ARG!!!! I can't believe it took a full week to get to her. Her friend will be getting a very be-lated card.

I have another thing to say about the "postage" issue from a few days ago...I got a (beautiful) card from my mom yesterday and it was LUMPY and she only put a regular stamp on it. Guess I will start making them all uniform and put postage on & mail from more PO. I read the following on another blog and thought I'd share her wisdom...

A few of you asked if these would be OK to send through the mail. I don’t think it would be a problem. When I mail cards with brads, etc. I cut a panel of SU! white to standard size, and lay that on top of the card before I slide it in the envelope. It makes it less bumpy in the envelope. Hope that helps!

Guess it's all a crap shoot.

Gotta run to the bank & my doctors office so will say Bye for now.

til later........................


Kip said...

Have a nice, quiet day with your hubby tomorrow Cheryl!

Lisa D:) said...

Hi Cheryl, sorry I've been a terrible commenter lately...I just popped on now to wish you and your dh a very happy turkey/steak day tomorrow!

Jenn said...

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving together. We just stayed home & I made Italian food,lol... not very traditional. Josh wanted to go down there, but the both of us was SO incredibly tired of driving in a car after our drive from Cape Canaveral!

We're off to get a Christmas tree.